Safir Assistance

All problems and technical questions concerning our SAAB 91 Safir X are discussed here.
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Safir Assistance

Post by Penzoil3 » 02 May 2009, 08:44

I have sent two e-mails to support, and received no reply. I purchased the Safir for FSX April 29th. although I received an e-mail saying I had activated it , I got an error message when I did so.

When I select the plane in FSX (Acceleration), I get an immediate crash to desktop. I am running Windows 7. I have an MSI P7N-SLI mother board, using Realtek onboard sound, an ATI Radeon 1gb 4870 video card, 4 gb of OCZ ram, and two Maxtor hard drives, FSX is on a dedicated D: drive, of it's own. Three Wire X is running (Flight Deck 5), along with McAfee Security center. I also use Track IR. My add on on planes are too numerous to list, but none of the others cause a CTD.
I'd love to fly the Safir, I have heard very good things about it. Can I get some help please ?

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Re: Safir Assistance

Post by snave » 10 May 2009, 14:38

The activation program does not work with Windows 7.

Install a currently-supported OS.
Simon Evans

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