SAAB 91 Safir X released!

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SAAB 91 Safir X released!

Post by Mia » 04 Nov 2008, 18:47

Dear friends!

We are happy to introduce you our new product SAAB 91 Safir X. It is a fully recreated add-on for FSX including new FSX features and giving you a better flying experience!

This package offers four versions of the Safir: B, C, and two D modifications. Each rendition faithfully reproduces all the particular, real-life, SAAB 91 Safir features in a meticulous way. We want you to enjoy the exquisite rendition of the external models, the super-detailed 3D-panels, the fully-animated dynamic VC, the authentic sounds, and so much more!

For more detailed information, please, visit our SAAB 91 Safir X page.
To view new screenshots, visit our Safir X screenchot gallery.
Buy Safir X :grin:

Update for Safir FS2004 owners: We remind that if you own the previous version of SAAB 91 Safir you can download the FSX version for FREE. To do that, please, send us your request. Important: customers who bought both versions of Safir will not be refunded.

Have fun flying Safir X!

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Re: SAAB 91 Safir X released!

Post by ColoKent » 05 Nov 2008, 09:16


Now please get the L-19 Bird Dog done....can't wait for it!

Kent :)

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Re: SAAB 91 Safir X released!

Post by ipgdc » 24 Nov 2008, 17:27

Finally the Safir FSX was released, and see how happy they became :) those who waited impatiently. Nevertheless we are some who will have to wait even longer until the Bird Dog is being released. We are flying hours and hours with the fs9 Safir, which is a delight. All along we have been sighing for SibWings Bird Dog - this low-and-slow beauty since is was first announced. It is so long ago, that fs9 was still top of flightsim. Since the project has been run over by other projects - the next one being the Pitts Special. It's fair enough :) but we are left behind with the fear that the Bird Dog will be released some day, when FSX is about to be outdated by FSXI. Therfore, please make the Bird Dog compatible with fs9 when released.
Yours Ole

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