Any new development in the pipeline at SibWings?

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Any new development in the pipeline at SibWings?

Post by lesko » 26 Feb 2016, 01:27

I have had the Antonov and the Birddog for some time and love to fly both. Are you guys at SibWings working on any exciting new development? Your products so far have been excellent, it would be nice to see some more aeroplanes, like the Il-10 Sturmovik, or the Tu-2, or the Mig-15, or the Yak 11, or the Yak 12, just to name a few.
I have posted this same question in the wrong section so I repeat it here, I would appreciate some response. It would be disappointing if you guys should give up the good work, you have produced some excellent aeroplanes in the past, I hope you will carry on.
Kind regards, lesko :grin:

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Re: Any new development in the pipeline at SibWings?

Post by snave » 29 Feb 2016, 18:31

Yeah, it has been quiet for a long time - but they did update their Facebook page with a re-propped and ski-equipped Antonov only as recently as December, so here's hoping things aren't as dead as they seem...

I would welcome an update to the Antonov to handle the issues that have been posted, update the installer (and potentially the features) to P3D3 levels (there are a number of AN-2's working in the West as jump ships these days and I could see this being a useful experience tool for pilots interested in the bird and its peculiar systemology).

Like you I've always hoped they might move their system concept (deeper than default, not as complex as a full-system sim) to some more Russian and Eastern European birds and their idiosyncracies - for me it's the Yak-18T.
Simon Evans

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