Radio Frequency

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Radio Frequency

Post by flyfan » 06 Sep 2006, 13:47

Hey Guys, first of all congratulations for this one - I can´t stop flying it ;)

BUT (!!!! :-D ) one problem arrived: Since I´m flying online on IVAO I have to change the Frequencies manually, either via the IvAp Interface or via the Radio Panel, but I recognised that you can´t switch the Radio (if you´re using the Radio Panel) to a Frequency of (for example) 119,27 -it jumps from ,20 to ,25 to ,30 but the 25kHz is missing.... (The full Frequency would be 119,275/Innsbruck Radar)
Is this wanted or is this a Bug?

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Re: Radio Frequency

Post by Voyager30 » 10 Aug 2008, 11:55

Hi Flyfan

This seems a bit odd as i can tune that frequency without problem.
Can it maybe be so that you have FSUIPC activated and uses the "Force 50 kHz" option in it?


Gerth Ericsson

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