Cant find so many items from checklist

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Cant find so many items from checklist

Post by Demious » 29 Oct 2014, 18:58

I just got this aircraft and I'm trying to follow the checklist, but there are so many items I cant find. I've got the manual next to me, trying to find all those items in the item list, but they arent there. Is there any way to find where these items are in the cockpit?

-Air system charging valve
-Brake pressure system
-Bus voltage
-Engine unit gages switch
-Flap position & Oil Shutters indicator switch
-Oil cooler shutters power switch
-Anti-fire system power switch
-Left and right fuel gages
-Chip monitoring button
-Oil cooler shutter
-Fuel Presure manual pump
-Starter sequence switch

I also cant find how to remove the oil collector pan or the doorstep or wheel blocks.

I'm also missing a cold start-up sequence, I only find a procedures for starting when engines are hot.

The label on the carburetor heater doesnt say what is on and what is off.

I'm not sure of how to close the cowl flaps. I did find the switch, but no matter which way I move it, it keeps saying 100.

And I cant find how to toggle the starter switch to interconnect the engine shaft, it's either on or off.

And that's as far as I got with the start-up procedure. Some help here would be most appreciated. I've been flying quite a few aircrafts over the past 5 years and I never had any real problems with getting started, but seeing how many things give problems with learning this aircraft, isnt there a proper tutorial for this aircraft? I've been googling all after noon, but the very few videos I was able to find are either in a language I cant even recognize, or in German, or there's no explanation given with a 'tutorial' video, so this doesnt provide any help at all...

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Re: Cant find so many items from checklist

Post by Demious » 30 Oct 2014, 02:52

Ok, I found the problem. The buttons and switches in the aircraft are labeled and in the manual we see those pictures with numbers pointing to all items, with the list of number with the corresponding item labels... But then the items in the checklist are completely new names for the same items, am I right?

After googling all afternoon and evening, after watching so many videos and looking over several checklists I found, I think I got most of the checklist properly translated to the actual item names. At least, I get the aircraft started and into the air! ;)

I still got a couple of items I still cant find and could use some help with. These are:

-Oil Collector Pan
-Control Lock
-How to remove Pitot Cover
-How to remove Wheel Blocks
-Air System Charging Valve
-Air Pressure
-Brake Pressure System
-Oil Cooler Shutter
-A/C Converter
-How to lock Primer Pump

Besides having some trouble with the Checklist, I'm amazed by the aircraft itself, beautifully made and it flies wonderful! Great job! :D

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