Button programming FSUIPC

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Button programming FSUIPC

Post by hugo » 24 Jun 2013, 08:01


It was easy to find out that "Incr_Cowl_Flaps" and "Decr_Cowl_Flaps" are corresponding with FSUIPC controls "66243" and "66244", but I can't find the FSUIPC controlls for "Incr_Oil_Shutters" and "Decr_Oil_Shutters". Has someone a hint? I hate the view menus that are popping up, each time you miss a bit the click zone of a switch for a right-click.

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Re: Button programming FSUIPC

Post by except » 25 Jun 2013, 02:33

We do not using FSUIPC at all. Sorry, but we cannot help you with this issue.

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Re: Button programming FSUIPC

Post by sieggie » 25 Jun 2013, 06:03

if you create a macro in the modules directory, which is where all the FSUIPC stuff is called AN2.MCRO, then put this into it


The next time you bring up the AN-2 you should see these values in the pulldown for whatever button you want to program.
Put the INC value in one button with a parameter of 100 and check repeat and the DEC value in another button with the parameter of 0 and repeat. The parameters set the Max and Min values. When you press those buttons you should see the oil shutters open and close. You will not see the switch in the VC move though.


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