Solution to "Dissapearing Safir"

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Solution to "Dissapearing Safir"

Post by Voyager30 » 28 Mar 2010, 10:18

I have found a possible solutions to the problem where the Safir dissapears after about 10 seconds.
I had to reinstall my FSX due to messed up effects and other things and uninstalled all my addons, and Acceleration, SP1 and finally FSX after this did I delete the FSX folder under "My programs"- This just to have a clean base to stand on when the reinstall was made.

After I reinstalled all again was i faced with the "Dissapearing Safir" syndrom.
Searching this forum stated that the problem is related to a corrupt Simconnect installation which I thought quite impossible - I had just reinstalled FSX how could it be bad?
Making the simconnect.ini test showes that data flows from the module.

Further "googling" did at last give me this page ... 65&t=19370 and the section "I can not see Heidi or some 2D panels".
In frustration did I follow the steps - even if took a while :?
After this is my Safir working again as well as another addon with a problem in fact also related to SimConnect.

So bottom line - even with what i thought was a clean installation of the FSX was in fact a partial reinstallation - it seems like the Uninstall provided with FSX don't take care about all files/folders correctly.
My estimation is that by manually removing the Simconnect folders under "C:\windows\WinSxS" was the key - FSX installation program did really need to put in the SimConnect files again as the actually was missing. The first reinstall detected possibly that the files was present , due to that fsx uninstalled left them in place, and did not replace them.

It's a bit time consuming to do the reinstall process but it's worth it.



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