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Reinstallation & Reactivation

Posted: 11 Dec 2006, 07:51
by Alex
Fist of all we apologize for the inconvenience with our security system.
We're working to make the process of Safir reactivation easier and I hope we'll make a new activation system soon.


Start Safir setup program and follow the instructions until you get this window:


If you have Safir activated only one time, copy your request code and go to the web page for activation. But, if you have two or more activations email us your new request code. After that we'll send you your new activation code and you can continue installation procedure.


If you have Safir installed and it doesn't work, start FS with Safir.
After that FS will close and our security system will open a web page with a message saying that your activation code is wrong.

If you didn't get an opened web page, start Safir setup program for generation of a new request code.

Send us your new request code.

When you receive your "Safir" activation code start the program (Start->All programs->SibWings->SAAB 91 Safir->Reactivate) and by entering your new activation code reactivate "Safir".