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Posted: 11 Dec 2006, 05:23
Okay..... I've tried to be patient, however, my patience is now wearing thin. I now understand that I am just "RENTING" the SAAB 91 from you, as I need to reinstall and didn't realize that it only comes as a one time installation. I sent a request in this morning.... and as stated I received a response within a couple of hours. However, I do not understand Alex's response of:

You just need to reinstall Safir.

If you can't get activation code in automatic mode send us your new request code and you'll get a new activation code.

I have reinstalled from my original purchased download however, I am informed that the installation code you supplied instructing me to safe guard it is not any good for further installations..... So, I assume I must need to re-download.... and if so, do I now have to re-purchase? I have no idea what "Automatic" mode is.... and my e-mail back to Alex has gone unanswered for the past 9+ hours.

What do I need to do to get YOUR aircraft back etc., and I hope I don't have to go through this each and everytime I clean off my hard drive etc., etc. as I usually do this a couple of times a year.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!


Posted: 11 Dec 2006, 05:55
by Andrey
Hello there!

Right now I just can say that redownload, and repurchased isn't needed I'm 99% sure you need just to do reactivation it's easy, I promise we'll provide you details today.


Posted: 11 Dec 2006, 09:20
by Alex
Hello Steve,

Sorry for delay, I've been sleeping out :)

Please, check your mail again. I've send you mail yesterday and resend it now. If you didn't get anything let me know.

Posted: 11 Dec 2006, 11:26
No Alex,

I haven't received a thing. Check your PM's.

Posted: 12 Dec 2006, 09:49
I now have my 91 back installed and running. Thanks!

Take care,