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Problem loading installed Saab

Posted: 07 Oct 2006, 12:15
I have the Safir installed on two FS9.1 versions on the same PC.
Until yesterdays all was fine.
This morning i tried to load the plane the loading stops and i got this message:

If you want to make this copy of add-on works,
please do a full add-on installation.

Each purchased copy of add-on can be activated only 2 times.

If you have any questions or difficulties installing this product,
please, post on our forum:
or email to:

I have nothing changed on the aircraft folder.The problem exists now on all two installations.

Any help?
I try now a new installation

Posted: 07 Oct 2006, 12:42
by Andrey
Hello there!

Just run installation procedure up to request code generation, then send us your product ID and request code, we'll send you updated activation code.

It will be better guys if you'll use e-mail for such questions ;)


Posted: 07 Oct 2006, 13:11
Good news,i loaded the exe for new deinstalled the old installations and installed for new,got a new activation code and all works fine as i see.
Hope this remains.
About the question you write

If you have any questions or difficulties installing this product,
please, post on our forum:
or email to:

So i do the first(German education :? )

i think the update 1 is included in the new DL

Thanks for the Help1

Posted: 07 Oct 2006, 13:23
by Andrey
lol :) No problem asking here absolutelly :) I just belive e-mail is faster :)

Update 1 is included to actual pacage.


Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 03:04
by madia41
I have sent an e-mail, albeit with no reply. So here is my query once again :

I have bought this afternoon your SAAB Safir.

Details of my PayPal payment are as follows:

Numéro de transaction :
Prix de l'objet :
20,00 EUR
Total :
?20,00 EUR
Nom du produit/de l'objet :
SW-lab SAAB 91 "Safir" - MSFS 2004 add-on
Acheteur :

My download link and product code are as follows:

(cut by Andrey)

I just CAN'T STAND those people with paranoiac tendencies who provide cloak-and-dagger installation procedures.

When I buy something, I have paid for it, and I WANT TO SEE what I have paid for. I certainly wouldn't install anything that might mess my computer. I have seen in the past too many add-ons that were dropping here and there some unexpected and very unwelcome elements.

Would you buy a cat in a bag?

That's why I made the first installation on an old laptop with no Internet connection which I use only for this purpose:

- make a fresh installation of FS2004 ; nobody cares about the 1.6 GHz processor, it is not intended to run the simulator
- make a backup of this fresh installation
- install any cloak-and-dagger add-on like yours
- use WinMerge to compare the two FS9 folders
- make a ZIP file with the relevant elements

I am especially reluctant when I see some unexpected dll's in the "Modules" subfolder. Exactly what happened with your Safir…

Anyways, I installed the zipped elements on my main computer, KNOWING WHAT I HAD INSTALLED, and therefore being able to remove it if any problem occurs.

And here is the error message I got:

"You cannot start SAAB 91 Safir add-on because your activation code is wrong.

For "Safir" activation in an automatical mode, please, click here

I you have already activated your copy of "Safir" two times, please, send us your request code, your personal info (email and name) and a short comment.

When you receive your "Safir" activation code start the program (Start->All programs->SibWings->SAAB 91 Safir->Reactivate) and by entering your new activation code reactivate "Safir".

If you have any questions or difficulties installing this product,
please, post on our forum:
or email to:"

I didn't click on the "automatical" mode link, because once again I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

Moreover, I make a fresh re-installation of FS2004 every two to three months, and I format my hard drive twice a year to keep things clean and tidy.

So when I buy something, I have paid for it and I intend to use it without any restriction, like for instance having to request installation codes every time I decide to format my hard drive or even worse having to "send you my request code, my personal info (email and name) and a short comment".

The question is: are you able to supply me an activation code that will allow me to use without trouble and once for ever the stuff I have bought from you (and paid to you once for ever, by the way), regarding the fact that:

- I format my hard drive once to twice a year
- I frequently re-install FS2004
- I intend to buy a new computer within the next four to five months

Otherwise, you can feel free to refund me. And if refunding sounds as a trouble to you, just forget about it. Your add-on is a mere 20?, the price of four packets of cigarettes here in France. You already made me take too much trouble and waste too much time for the price of four packets of cigarettes.

If I can't use your add-on, it will go to the dustbin. With some afterthoughts, might be it is the place it was intended for?



Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 03:26
by Andrey
Hello Michel!

Please don't you worry so much, in 24 hours we'll provide you information for Safir product activation.
When I buy something, I have paid for it, and I WANT TO SEE what I have paid for.
That is more then enought info about our product all over the Internet, Michel. Check out this:

Please do not share info about your own copy next time ;)


Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 03:59
by snave

You state you can't stand paranoiac tendencies in others, but having read your post I advise you to seek professional help! :-D

If you had but installed the bloody thing into the version you wanted to run it on you wuold be up and running by now, with no problems. In fact what you have done is breach the very agreement that you signed up for when you made the purchase.

It's a bit much to complain about the `cat in a bag` problem when you didn't even read or understand the Terms and Conditions of the product you just bought! You might have bought a `cot in a bog`, and it would all have been the same to you as you hadn't read the instructions! :lol:

Fortunately you bought the right thing, and the developers will do the right thing and have you up and running in no time. ;-)

Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 04:05
by Andrey
lol Simon :)

Thank you for such reply :)

I'd request Michael some more info, for sure we'll solve that for sure pretty soon, just Alex wake up :) Mistery for me why his e-mail was losted... (spam-filters ?)


Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 04:07
by madia41
Okay, I am waiting for your reply.

So what, should there any problem displaying this kind of information? You guys seem to be so much paranoiac about the installation of your four-packets-of-cigarettes-worth add-on that this download link should be of no use to anybody else but you and me, should it?

Anyways, here is my question once again: are you able to supply me an activation code that will allow me to use without trouble and once for ever the stuff I have bought from you (and paid to you once for ever, by the way), regarding the fact that:

- I format my hard drive once to twice a year
- I frequently re-install FS2004
- I intend to buy a new computer within the next four to five months

There is no point getting out of that question, and the reply should be either "NO, we are unable to do that", or "YES, here is your activation code: ************", and I wish to get a proper installation code this time. A code which would allow me to use WHAT I HAVE PAID FOR, WHEN I want to use what I have paid for, and WHERE I want to use what I have paid for.



Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 04:14
by madia41
By the way, and just in case my original e-mail got lost due to some spam filters, I have forwarded it right now.



Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 04:22
by Andrey
The problem is deeper then you say, if we lost only key we lost not 20euro, we lost even thousands and you know why. We are the authors and it's our right to protect our product with the way we want, your right is to agree or disagree with our documentation and buy or not to buy ;)

Did you read Terms and Conditions to use the product ? Answers should be there (I'm sorry I wasn't an author of that, I'm just about graphics :)), if you did you should find the answers there.

Anyway answering your question in short - yes bought Safir you'll be ably to reactivate it several times with different parameters of your hard and software.

It's not only our practice btw, do you know about FSX activation ? gmax activation ? It's always up to developers, so please try to understand.


Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 10:55
by Alex
madia41 wrote:Okay, I am waiting for your reply.

Check your private message.

Posted: 29 Nov 2006, 03:48
by madia41
Dear Andrey, here is a short reply:

Thanks for your message. However, there are still a few questions. It seems that you understood neither my request, nor my position.

I have paid for an add-on aircraft, and I intend to use it both whenever I want and wherever I want.

I have paid for it cash and once for ever, and I therefore intend to use it for ever, not having to ask for reactivation codes each time I make a fresh re-install of FS2004, or when I format my hard drive, and even less when I buy my new computer in next February or March. Who knows, what would happen if you had disappeared in the meantime?

I know your EULA mentions "one single computer", but this is totally preposterous. Even Microsoft wouldn't dare to mention such things.

Moreover, I have found on your site several additional files (an update EXE, several repaints, a 2D panel…) and in case of a future reinstallation of your Safir I certainly wouldn't accept taking the trouble of tweaking the cfg files once again, copying and pasting, and so on.

This is – among others – one of the reasons why I made a "dummy" installation on an old laptop I use only for this purpose. This allowed me to get a clean ZIP archive, seeing what is in it and thus knowing what would be installed on my main computer.

Now the question is: will the new activation code you sent allow me to use this aircraft without trouble when I reinstall FS2004, when I format my hard drive, when I buy a new computer?

Taking into account the fact that technology steps forwards at a quick pace, buying a new computer sounds to me as a normal evolution every 18 to 24 months.

And, sorry to have to remind it once again, since I have paid cash and once for ever for this add-on, I intend to use it once for ever too, notwithstanding the fact that, as the result of a normal evolution, I will acquire a new computer in the non too distant future. Yet, there is absolutely no warranty of any kind that Sibwings will still exist in this non too distant future. Unless you can give me this guarantee, but how could you?

Nevertheless, you have taken my money for cash, haven't you? As for me, I intend to take the add-on aircraft I have bought for cash too.

This is one of the reasons why, when I pay for something, I expect this something to be sound and reliable. I pay for it, cash, once for ever, if necessary I get an activation code, but the activation code for this product is valid for ever, just like my payment was. No cloak-and-dagger activation procedures with people who could vanish from the web at any moment and without any previous notice.

Now I repeat my question: will the new code you sent (**************) be valid every time I wish to re-install the product I have paid for?

Let's make things be clear: I really don't care about 20?. I have already wasted too much time about your 20? add-on. If I can use it as I intend to use it, it will be fine. If I can't, never mind. It will go to the dustbin, and I'll forget about it as quickly as I had paid for it.

But I think you should be fair to your customers. Might be you had not thought about the few arguments I was stating above. I understand you can feel proud about the virtual aircraft you have developed. You intended to make it a commercial product, why not?

But the drastic terms of your EULA are totally unrealistic. When someone has paid for your product, he has paid for the RIGHT TO USE IT.

When I buy a car, would the manufacturer ever forbid me to drive it the way I wish? To the best of my knowledge, even Москвич, Лада or Зил did not do that in the good old times… In fact, all this sounds very much as Дзержинский Плошадь practice, I suggest you think about it.

Добрий ночь ! Да, я также говорю по-русский, но только немношко и тоже очень плохо.



Posted: 29 Nov 2006, 17:52
by Andrey
Hello Michel,

I'm already answer that question. That is your choice to accept or not our licence.

Hundreds people accept it and have no problems, if you asked about reactivation - it's an easy procedure (now handled by us manually, but soon I do belive it will be auomatic - even now you'll wait not more then 1-5 hours), if you want to install Safir copy into second PC - just wright mail to us with reason... It was several mails to us with such request and every customer stays happy.

As we see here you have Safir installed and activated, you can fly it,right ? What do you want more? Want to know could you fly it in future? - yes you could - even FSX update will be free for you and everyone who already fly Safir.


Posted: 29 Nov 2006, 20:01
by DNovet

I am not affilitated to Sibwings except than to have provided lots of materials on the Safir as well as having tested it...

May I ask:
What's your problem?

The way I read it, the problem appears an email that was lost somewhere. Which can be fixed quite easy...

But it appears to me, that you are only fussing about something that *you* think is improper...

Just to make sure we're talking about the same:
You did not buy something.
You bought something accompanied by certain rules.
By buying, you agreed to those rules.
You acknowledged them by clicking a button.
But the first thing you did - according to your own statements - is breaking those very rules you did just agree upon, by analyzing them.
And now, you are whining about a registration code, that will be supplied if you ask for.
You are fussing about a module. One of which this specific product could not work.

What do you want now? Something of your own that you can tweak and fiddle around? Something you can use in every way you please, like also sticking it up your nose?
Solution is simple: Do it yourself, chump!

My personal opinion:
You did not buy a cat in the bag as you proletise, not at all if you would make full use of the product as it was presented to you in the first place: By reading the EULA...
The way you are imposing yourself, is the very much like if someone would buy a Ferrari, crash it straight into a wall and then make a case out of it, since he now can no more use it, despite the fact that he paid fully and up front for it.
Sibwings tells you not to do what you did - if you would simply listen/read - Ferrari however does not warn you of the malfunctions following the "wall-meeting" at 300km/h, they suppose this is normal, human, common sense.

Do you start getting the point?

I would simply show you the birdie, while basically you could get a trial for breaking a simple contract you signed.

Do you know, how much money it did cost to do that video-flight for flight-dynamic-demonstration-purposes? I did like doing it for free. Definitely not for people like you, but for people like sibwings and a lot of other customers that share a passion.
You are fussing about something that did cost several people a lot of money and why? Because *you* think you can use everything in the exact manner you wish to, despite any agreements, EULA or other legal ramifications.
That makes *me* puke.
And makes me wonder whether you are confering with different developers like PMDG in a similar way.

It is your kind of people, that makes the real-life aviation more and more closed to outsiders, and for that, I salute you: You are doing a great work of pissing other people off for your very own reasons. You will be awarded a cake...

And on a sidenote:
Microsoft *did* dare to mention things like "one single computer". Since you present yourself as the super-duper-mega-freak that is omniknowledgeable, you should be aware that WindowsXP needs to be activated by Microsoft.
Since you did not appear to be aware of that, I am now accusing you of software-piraterie, since you seem to operate on an illegal and hacked copy of Windows.

I do *not* wish you anything bad of bad luck, just get out of my face...

Greetings from Daniel, from now on thinking twice before showing his DBL to a stranger, since that guy might claim (equally irrational) a month later to be mentioned on our webpage...

Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 03:36
by madia41
Hello Andrey!

No, I haven't activated the Safir using the re-activation code you supplied, and I won't do it. Many thanks for supplying this code, by the way. But I definitely don't wish to run the risk of getting accustomed to an aircraft, knowing that the people who sell that stuff might have vanished from the Internet at any time and without any previous notice.

Thus, no re-activation code available any more, and that would be much too frustrating in case I have come to like that plane. I hope you understand my position.

Especially regarding the SAAB Safir, by the way, since it turns out that I had had to work hard on this subject using my documentation and my contacts for the benefit of a French plastic model kit manufacturing company named Heller when they released a 1/72 scale model of this aircraft ; it was in 1980.

There were no flight simulators at that time, except for those on which I experienced some very difficult moments in the Air Force making "virtual" flights on Mirage III's and Jaguars. So if you wanted to make a Safir "fly" at that time, the only way was to build the Heller plastic kit, and then throw it out of the window.

Now, let's forget about these recollections. Regarding your Safir, I have selected all the relevant files in my FS2004 installation (thanks to the ZIP archive I had created, knowing exactly what I had installed) and then made Shift + Del. The various files I had downloaded followed the same way, and everything is now clean and tidy again in my FS2004 folder.

I have smoked several packets of cigarettes since I bought your aircraft, so the mere 20? I have paid for it - equivalent to four packets of cigarettes in my country – are really nothing.

Might be you could help your Swiss friend understand that I am quite accustomed to the world of real-life aviation myself, being a former French Air Force officer and a former pilot too, with many many hours on the clock. As far as Ferraris are concerned, the cars I usually drive in real life are not Ferraris, but classic British roadsters of the 1960-1970 period. I mean real cars, not ones intended for the simulation world. Unfortunately, I have had some real-life experience of what he calls "wall-meeting", due to a technical failure, so I think he would be more inspired talking about what he knows.

And, by the way, it turns out that I am quite aware the efforts he might have made too, of the time he might have spent and of the money it might have cost him. One good reason for this: I do exactly the same thing myself, contributing to the design of FS add-ons with my 10.000+ photographs, my flying experience and the documentation I have gathered over more than thirty years, well before the Internet existed.

But I do this solely for the benefit of freeware designers. People who share a passion, without trying to make money out of it.

So, definitely, this Swiss guy, you and me do not belong to the same world.

As for me, I'm quite happy about it!

Anyways, I wish to you all good luck, and I wish above all to the people who have bought your payware, paid for the right of using it "accompanied by certain rules", as the Swiss guy says, that they will still be able to keep on using it in a non too distant future, even if they have the strange idea of buying a new computer.

The Safir I had bought and paid for without understanding that, paying for something while so many people work hard to design freeware stuff, would not entail me to use it and even install it on a new computer when I buy one, has now reached the place it probably deserved from the very beginning.

We will let it REST IN PEACE.



Posted: 30 Nov 2006, 19:09
by snave
Probably for the best. You clearly have not the slightest understanding that what you actually purchase with software is not the software itself, merely the license to USE it, and use it in accordance with an agreement whose terms and conditions you accept BEFORE purchase.

Seems you have much to learn. And this isn't the place to teach it. Except to tell you that most commercial aircraft addons will have similar, or more restrictive license terms. And indeed, so does Flight Sim 2004 itself.

Prepare yourself for nothing but an unhappy experience in simming, or wise up. Your choice.