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ATC window click?

Posted: 05 Oct 2006, 17:38
by franco
A thing that I am not able to find in the manual and in the plane : as per the map or kneeboard ( funny thing to click on objects to open windows..) where is it the button or icon to have the radio communication window from ATC , if any? A small icon shuld be very useful... :roll:

Posted: 05 Oct 2006, 17:57
by snave
Just set the keyboard to a convenient key - I have always used the ` key, to the left of the keyboard `1` - I can find it easily without looking from the screen and most common ATC selection criteria can then be reached by just moving a finger to `1`, `2` or `3`...
While it's easy to put those kind of buttons you ask for on a 2d panel, it's much harder for a VC.