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Requests for patch 2

Posted: 28 Sep 2006, 04:49
by Bill Womack
I'm enjoying my Safirs more and more as the fixes come out. I thought I'd compile a list here of things I'd like to see in future updates.

1. The VOR CDI in HD-DBL seems reversed as far as its deflection in relation to approaching a VOR.

2. The transponder is only tunable via the buttons on the panel. For casual flyers, this means they can't autotune the squawk codes. For people like myself with fancy GoFlight radio stacks, it means we can't use them to set the codes. It would be extremely helpful if this could be done.

3. The nav/com radios seem to be only intermittently tunable via keyboard commands (and thus my aforementioned GoFlight stack). That is, sometimes I seem to be able to tune them with keystrokes, and sometimes I have to actually rotate the buttons in the VC. Again, this might be realistic, but it doesn't help people with a small fortune invested in GoFlight modules.

Those are my biggies at the moment. For the most part, the plane is flying beautifully otherwise. I love it for hand flying, which is pretty much all I do. It's very well-behaved bird, and easy to get along with. To be able to properly communicate and navigate would be the icing on the cake. :wink: