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An Open Letter to the AN-2 Developers

Posted: 15 Aug 2016, 22:18
by cavaricooper
Dear AN-2 Developers-

I can only assume there has been something that has prevented continuing work on the An-2. While I do not know what the stumbling blocks are, I am writing to you, just to tell you that she is something so very special for me. I have been flight simming since the days of the Apple IIc and used Flight Simulator in each version, since wireframe mountains and a single river defined flight simulation.

Since then, I have enjoyed the development of the sim platform, and usually spend my days flying in the flight levels with the PMDG NGX and 777 and the PSX744. I have however, always come back to spend time flying low and slow over incredible Orbx terrain. It is doing while doing that, about 2 years ago, that I stumbled upon your AN-2.

While I love my large fast jets, I can tell you that when I just want to relax and enjoy, I crank up the Annushka and spend many happy hours meandering through the fjords and back country of Alaska. There is nothing I have found in the FS world, that transmits the feel of flight like your AN-2. There are faster and more complex aircraft, there are sleeker and more sophisticated aircraft, but when I want to feel like I did when I flew my old Aeronca 7AC, actually feel like I am flying, the AN-2 is what scratches my itch.

She is a lovely old girl, and SO DESERVES some attention. Please allow Alex Metzger to finish his work on the aircraft. Please fix the ADF volume knob, and the one or two little complaints on the forum. PLEASE COMMUNICATE with us, your users. We LOVE YOUR WORK, and would SO APPRECIATE any communication and improvements you care to share.

THE SIBWINGS AN-2 stands amongst the very finest of flight simulation creations, and deserves to be resurrected from her ashes..... PLEASE!


Carl Avari-Cooper

Re: An Open Letter to the AN-2 Developers

Posted: 18 Aug 2016, 13:16
by snave
Admire your enthusiasm, but I fear it is not matched by that of the developers.

They did show some teasing shots on the FB page earlier in the year, but there's never been any formal progress announcements, nor have they actually contributed in any meaningful sense to the activity in their own forums or SM pages for well over a year.

There were some nagging issues that would have been dealt with by now if there was really any intention or will to continue; they haven't revealed any new projects in years, nor returned to provide updates or optimisations for P3D, all of which would have been revenue-generating opportunities...

Charitably I would call the developers `dormant`. What we've got is what we've got - and that's all we're going to get.

I'd love to be wrong. But fear I'm not.

Re: An Open Letter to the AN-2 Developers

Posted: 18 Aug 2016, 23:33
by Ron Attwood
Aaah, the AN-2. How well I remember it. I really must get round to re-installing one day. Oh! I forgot, they're not answering their support email any more. Hey ho. :?

Re: An Open Letter to the AN-2 Developers

Posted: 19 Aug 2016, 19:09
by snave
Time to shift allegiance to the Octopus team, I guess...

Re: An Open Letter to the AN-2 Developers

Posted: 09 Feb 2017, 15:32
by cavaricooper
I hope NOT! You seem to be one of Sibwings ardent (dare I say feverish) supporters, so I hope there are enough of us left, that the clamor will reach the developer's seemingly deaf ears.... its WAY TOO GOOD TO GIVE UP ON!

Best- Carl

Re: An Open Letter to the AN-2 Developers

Posted: 03 Jun 2017, 23:09
by Avidean
Now that P3D V4 has been released I found myself wondering about the AN-2 Can't say I am supprised at what I have found here in the forum. It seems Sibwings is no more. I would love to see developers of such Top shelf FS stuff eventually release it as open source for the community to continue to develop it. But if they don't want to do that can't say I would blame them.