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Loadmanager error

Posted: 06 Jan 2016, 12:05
by Felidae

I have made a new fresh install of An2 and her loadmanager(1.03)
By starting the loadmanager , I get this error message:
"la conversion de chaƮne 1.0728 en type "double" n'est pas valide"

How could I fix it ?

Thanks and regards

Re: Loadmanager error

Posted: 10 Jan 2016, 02:57
by Springbok
Hi Felidae!

First of all thank you for posting here and sorry already now for replying you that late, but since I was offline due to Christmas/New Year I was not able to reply you. Anyway here I am.
Can you maybe explain me where and how your problem occured? With this I mainly mean what are your settings? I need all of them since they are interacting together after the Loadmanager is loaded.
From reading the error message you described there is twice a conversion to a number but I cannot find that conversion in my source code.
Does this error appear every time you start LoadManager? If yes, does your system surely matches the system requirements? (You absolutely need that explicit .NET version installed.)

regards Kevin