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LUA script for AN-2

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 18:19
by simurq

Here is my first ever attempt to make a LUA file for a 3rd-party aircraft addon. No doubt I made my choice in favour of the beautiful "Annushka". :)

Currently, you can download it from my Dropbox account but I'm planning to publish it on the well-known flightsim libraries also, if the feedback from you is positive. Please read the included readme.txt to avoid problems.

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Changelog v1.2 - Oct 11, 2015
# Updated code for ADF control panel to allow for more efficient use of control buttons. Now you can use the same set of buttons for "Near" (ADF2) and "Far" (ADF1) channels depending on state of local variable controlling the "Near/Far" channels switch.

Changelog v1.1 - Oct 7, 2015
# Updated code for elevator, aileron, and rudder trims. Now the trimming is smoother and more responsive compared to default FSX values.
# Added sample button configuration (extract from my FSUIPC4.INI) for users of Saitek X52 Pro.

NOTE: The script doesn't include code / parameter for inertial clutch switch at the moment for reasons described here. Pending reply from the developers. You still need to charge the clutch motor and start the engine manually. This note will be removed and the script updated as soon as the issue is solved.


Vüqar "Rustam" Quliyev

Re: LUA script for AN-2

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 19:04
by Dominique
Hi Simurq

Does one need FSUIPC or Linda or does it work with, for instance, the TARGET software of the Warthog HOTAS ?

Re: LUA script for AN-2

Posted: 04 Oct 2015, 20:53
by simurq
Hi Dominique,

Don't know about TARGET software - is it a proper name or do you mean joystick drivers & software?

This LUA script needs a registered (payware) copy of FSUIPC only, no extra software is required. And the reason why I made the script this way is simple - I don't like any other process (eg., LINDA) running in the background when it comes to CPU-hungry program like FSX. Especially on my rather old machine... :)

Look for the readme.txt which is dispatched with my ZIP-archive. It's pretty short and will give you necessary tips to install and run the LUA file.

Hope it helps!


Re: LUA script for AN-2

Posted: 05 Oct 2015, 00:13
by Dominique

TARGET is the Warthog HOTAS programming software. Its not honestly the best but enough for me and I do not deem FSUIPC necessary so I'll pass. But it's nice to see people still interested by the Antonow, even if Sibwings has given up !