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The AN-2 Profile for FSGRW

Posted: 22 Jul 2013, 12:24
by Basti_793
Hi guys,
here is the profile of the AN-2 for use with FS Global Real Weather.

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		<Entry ToAltitude="1000" Tas="79" VerticalSpeed="500" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="3000" Tas="82" VerticalSpeed="400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="5000" Tas="85" VerticalSpeed="300" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="7000" Tas="88" VerticalSpeed="250" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="9000" Tas="92" VerticalSpeed="200" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="11000" Tas="95" VerticalSpeed="150" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="13000" Tas="98" VerticalSpeed="100" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="1000" Tas="97" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="3000" Tas="101" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="5000" Tas="105" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="7000" Tas="109" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="9000" Tas="113" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="11000" Tas="117" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="13000" Tas="120" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="1000" Tas="97" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="3000" Tas="101" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="5000" Tas="105" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="7000" Tas="109" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="9000" Tas="113" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="11000" Tas="117" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
		<Entry ToAltitude="13000" Tas="120" VerticalSpeed="-400" />
Copy and save it as Antonov AN-2.xml _ ;)

Re: The AN-2 Profile for FSGRW

Posted: 08 Aug 2013, 00:19
by Basti_793
Since build 1.7.10 this profile is shipped with FSGRW. :-"

Re: The AN-2 Profile for FSGRW

Posted: 11 Aug 2013, 13:08
by adi518
what does this do exactly? :)

Re: The AN-2 Profile for FSGRW

Posted: 11 Aug 2013, 22:45
by Basti_793
With this aircraft profile the FS Global Real Weather tool can properly check your
route and determine exactly the point of descent to final approach for example.

It's a gimmick of me, but based on real values. You don't really need it for VFR. :wink: