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Switches not working fix and CTD on exit probable fix

Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 20:30
by ncooper
It has become clear that this aircraft functions at its best when loaded in its own flight.

To create a "clean" flight, select the default C172 at a location of your choice.
Switch everything off and apply the parking brake.
Save this flight and tick the make this the default flight box.

Restart FSX and select your AN 2, you will find that all the switches are off.
Save this flight.
You will find that if you now load the aircraft in this flight, regardless of what you
were flying before, it will work as it should.

You will also find that whatever situation you now save, whether flying or not, the aircraft
will work correctly if loaded from the saved flight.

I cannot replicate a CTD on exit at all but this fix may help to stop that too....or it may not.


Re: Switches not working fix and CTD on exit probable fix

Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 20:39
by ncooper
As a practical demonstration of the effect that different addon aircraft can have,
I loaded one of my saved AN 2 flights, changed aircraft to the Aerosoft Beaver and
saved this flight as my default. I did no more than this, I didn't even switch the
batteries on.

Having flown the Beaver without incident and finished with it, I restarted FSX and changed from the Beaver to an AN 2.
The switches were randomly on or off, some would not respond and the wipers were wiping, although turned off.
These are all problems reported elsewhere in this forum and all, in this case, simply caused by loading the AN 2 after
another addon aircraft.

The message is simple....don't do it and you will enjoy trouble free flights.