One question on Parking Brakes and Control Lock

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One question on Parking Brakes and Control Lock

Post by stu7708 » 27 Jun 2013, 16:26


Did my first test flight with the AN-2 last night, and really enjoyed myself...

Almost jumped in my seat from the jolt the first time I tried to start the engine ;)

I did run in to a few issues but most of them I have found answers to in the forum already, however there is still one thing that I haven't figured out.

Is it possible to engage the parking brake without engaging the Control Lock too??

Using the checklist I got a bit confused due to this at first since according to the Pre-Start Procedures and checks the Parking Brake should be set, so I did. When I then got down to testing the flight controls for freedom of movement in the Before Starting Checklist I realized that the control lock was in place. An easy thing to work around, just release the Parking Brake..

Still, it would be nice to be able to remove the control lock without disengaging the parking break.

Also, there was one switch I couldn't identify for sure in the checklist. In the After Start checklist it says A/C Converter...ON. I assumed that this was the Power Inverter switch (no 54 in the main panel overview) and that it should be set to Main. Is that correct?

Thanks again for a magnificent bird

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Re: One question on Parking Brakes and Control Lock

Post by zippyo » 27 Jun 2013, 18:29

It is an inverter which converts dc to ac so yes. And the control lock is tied to the parking brake so unless they do what they did with the pilots it will stay visible. They can add a visibility condition based on wether the engine is running or not but you have to talk to the devs.


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