Steering on ground

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Dieter Swada
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Steering on ground

Post by Dieter Swada » 23 Jun 2013, 11:53

Steering on ground
My problem is how bring I the airplane from parking to the runway. Momentary rolls the An-2 only ahead. In the Checklists Before Taxi
Tail wheel unlocked but I bring the airplane not to turn on rihgt or left.
I use the joystick with x-y-z-axis and break right or left are assigned.
My impression is the tail wheel is locked, whether or not switch unlocked or locked.
Steering Cessna Bird Dog on ground is o.k. with my equipment, why not by the An-2?

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Re: Steering on ground

Post by ncooper » 23 Jun 2013, 12:43

A read of this topic should help.


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