The An-2 RepaintManager

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The An-2 RepaintManager

Post by Springbok » 20 Jun 2013, 20:37

Hello people!

Alex wrote a few days back if it would be possible to code an application which automatically installs the liveries (supposed they are in the right format in order that RepaintManager can work with it) into your FSX installation.

Before we start explaining everything, first of all a word of warning:
This application is at the moment in a pure test basis, so we cannot garantue that it has no errors or does bad things, however the application makes first of all a Backup of your aircraft.cfg in order that you have something to go back if the installation went wrong!

However if you feel comfy enough please give it a try since it can really make your workload less :)

What do you need for this and information for repainters
First of all you need a compatible file, this means the file must explicitely have this structure, otherwise RepaintManager will not recognise it and will not install it. To show you in which format this should be, please first download this archive. If you downloaded it, extract it to a place of your choice. You will see that the archive gives you that after extracting:
--> the file "AddToAircraft.Cfg.txt"
--> the file "ReadMe.txt"
--> the folder "texture" which has also a folder in it called "texture.XXXX"

As you may already seen, the information about the repaitn (which is copied to the aircraft.cfg) comes ENTIRELY into the file called "AddToAircraft.Cfg.txt".
In the "ReadMe.txt" you can write what you want. informations about you, your work, your repaints so to make it short: Everything you want except the part which is added to the aircraft.cfg!
In the folder texture please put the texture folder which is saved in the following location:
ROOT FSX FOLDER\SimObjects\Airplanes\SibWings_Antonov_2\
The textures HAS TO BE saved under texture\texture.XXXX\ otherwise the RepaintManager cannot install the livery.
For repainters only: Please zip your files that there is no intermediate folder! (This means please zip them like shown in the example archive above!)
Basically this is all you need!

What are the system requirements?
- RepaintManager can only be executed on a system where FSX is installed.
- RepaintManager can only be executed on a system which has at least .Net Framework 4 installed (so it works also under Windows XP!).
- At least one compatible repaint.

How to use RepaintManager?
First of all you need to download RepaintManager from the link below and extract all three files to one and the same path of your choice on your system except the C:\ location is forbidden due to Windows UAC rights management! After extracting you should see two folders (ToBeInstalled & Installed) and one file (RepaintManager.exe).
In the folder ToBeInstalled copy all the downloaded .zip-files which are compatible. Then start RepaintManager.exe and check if under Paths theree are two green lines saying "FSX has been found!" and "Aircraft.cfg has been found!". (If they are not shown, something seems to be wrong with your installation, please report this here!) Then on the right is a list with the names of the .zip files which are in the "ToBeInstalled"-folder next to your RepaintManager.exe. Select one of the .zip-files. Now the button Install will be enabled. Click on the button and the installation will be started. If everything is done correctly you will get a message telling you so, if not there are a few messagebox nerving you. First of all check if your downloaded .zip-files are compatible to RepaintManager! Please remember what is written in it and be sure to post this here in order that we can get rid of any bugs! After the installation, you can either install another livery or close the application.
That's it!

Known issues?
Although trying to keep the issues low RepaintManager has one: The text & entry do need to be in english characters only. This means that everything like this is accepted: A-Z, a-z, 0-9 & symbols like ( ; - ; ? ; ! ; ) ; ... but no cyrillic/chinese/... letters. Using this will result in problems of RepaintManager adding the text to the aircraft.cfg.

Download V from
Please remember this is work-in-progress application! There can be errors/problems but they should be (if the application is used as it is designed for) be minimal, however sometimes you really cannot know, so sorry if there are one or more :)

regards Kevin and thanks for your help and your testing!
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regards Kevin

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Re: The An-2 RepaintManager

Post by adi518 » 07 Jul 2013, 04:25

Tried your tool and it works! However, there's major preparing to be done prior to sending those liveries through the manager. The #1 problem though, is the fact that a lot of people here, are non-english and therefore, often use special characters (of their language) in their livery entry. Those special characters do not appear correctly in everybody's computers, meaning they often get displayed as square characters. The result is, halting of the manager and spamming the aircraft.cfg with a tone of duplicated entries.

So what you have to do is add a code that scans and eliminate non-english characters of each entry. Btw, in order for the manager to really catch, it must be added to the repaint sticky, otherwise most will not be aware of it when they pack a livery for release.

I hope you find this feedback helpful, so the app can improve. :)

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