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Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 10 Nov 2013, 00:43
by doebro2010
The only thing I do to prevent ctd is switching to another aircraft before stepping out the flightsim and have no ctd anymore.
The disablepreload =1 I only use in the cfg file for dx10.
This avoids no vsync effect in dx10 with steve's application.

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 23 Nov 2013, 13:55
by ncooper
Lawman wrote:Guys,

I've recently updated my computer and after installing the An-2 again on a pristine FSX-installation (with Acceleration) I too started suffering from the CTD on exit.

Edit: as some have suggested, it seems the culprit (at least on my system) is the "DisablePreload"-line I had added to the "fsx.cfg"-file on the advice of NickN (no offense to him, maybe it is something system-specific). That was a line I didn't have in my "fsx.cfg" before my upgrade. I still need to do some more testing, but removing that line has so far stopped the CTDs
I rest my case. :)


Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 12:13
by iwn
Look at Safir section of this forum. There is a message about An2 and GSX conflicting. Any comments on that?

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 07 Dec 2013, 20:35
by ncooper
Do you mean this one?
Post by Navlights » 29 Jun 2013, 19:40
Hey guys, my FSX keeps crashing on selecting the An2. Not sure why as all my other, birds and scenery seems fine. I un-installed and deleted left over folder from simobjects, as I has some paints ect. On reinstall it says to whom this is regestered and i say yes. But on selecting it again, the little loadup box appears than fsx fails any ideas as I never changed anything that I'm aware of such as hardware ect. This is a little perplexing, the only thing I installed afterwards was the new beta fsrecorder freeware. Hmmm I'm mystfied.

Post by Navlights » 29 Jun 2013, 23:19
ok found out the issue, after downloading an updated version of GSX and running it. Well it change my fsx.exe fromwindows7 under properties to service pack 3. Some how this affected something not allowing my An2 to initialize. Sorry for any incovenience but this seems to be a strange phenominon. Anyways i solved it and this might want to be kept, as people update them installers all the time.
If so, he answered his own question, as you can see.
GSX he thinks, altered the properties of fsx.exe to a compatibility mode in his Windows 7, which is a sure way to stop the AN-2 from working.

As he says, it probably is worth his posting for others to see but as I see it, the problem is not the AN-2 but the way GSX alters fsx.exe, if indeed it does.


Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 08 Dec 2013, 15:36
by iwn
Yes, that was the one. Interesting observation, GSX staff is always defending their products as troublefree. I didn't quite follow what he was channging and where...

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 22 Feb 2014, 19:17
by Basti_793
I discovered by chance by another project that the latest version of the "swan2.dll" (contained in the current setup file) may be is ok. As a interested user of Windows 7, I know that the operating system "under the hood" is fully programmed in English. Only the UI language is adjusted by the user via the language bar. This saves not development costs only, but provides more compatibility and sets thereby a reliable standard for developers around the world. Microsoft uses this options since the development of Windows Vista.

OK, back to the topic.

By above mentioned project I needed after a long time again a Russian keyboard layout. So I installed the language pack Russian (Russian Federation) on the language bar and switch to the Russian language if necessary. In the meantime, I had downloaded the latest setup version of the AN-2 and installed this on my machine.

And Lo and behold, that bird works very stable in DirectX 9 with as well as without the line "Disable Preload" in the FSX config. Only in DirectX 10 the AN-2 works not stable due to this line in the FSX-config. Placebo? I don't think so. The memory management in DirekctX 10 works a little bit differently.

I'm assuming due to this fact, that Alex & team the current version of the "swan2.dll" for use in DirectX 9 has correctly programmed.

It may be that the language version of the DLL (in Russian) sometimes leads to irritation in the interpretation of Windows 7 and therefore in FSX (Russian DLL, English operating system under the hood etc.). It could at least be an approach for creating a language-neutral or English version of the DLL.

But why has the base installation via the update feature received not the current DLL?

° Basic version
° Update version
° current version

Maybe can answer this question for someone.

And for other interessted users:
Please check whether you can reproduce a similar behavior with the Russian language pack installed (it must not be set to active) to use the AN-2 in DirectX 9 and 10.

But maybe I'm also wrong. A feedback would be nice. ;)

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 03 Mar 2014, 23:21
by iwn
Well, at least a change after Russian language pack. FSX did not switch off at all. Had to kill it via task manager.

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 05 Mar 2014, 00:50
by Basti_793
Thank you for your replay iwn.
The russian language package should only be installed but inactive (without hooks). The language pack of your language must be set to active. How does the FSX with this setting?

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 09 Mar 2014, 23:39
by iwn
Further tests with identical results, FSX does not crash after An-2 use, but stays on. It has to be killed through task manager. Finnish is active language of OS.

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 20 Mar 2014, 16:30
by Basti_793
THX for your feedback iwn.

Hm, I think it's a placebo (of my machine) ... ;)

Re: CTD when exiting FSX after flight

Posted: 31 Aug 2014, 00:00
by iwn
Reporting back.

After a system upgrade and a complete FSX and An-2 re-install this problem has disappeared.

Same OS, same AV, same hardware except the CPU. Only difference I could think of was to right click the installer and tag the "run as administrator" box and then install as "administrator".

Sorry to have been a PIA.