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Re - Download AN2

Post by Rhinozherous » 13 Oct 2016, 12:22

Hey pilots!

As it seems there is no dev anymore...
How do you redownload the AN2?
I had to reinstall fsx, unfortunately I have no backed up zip folder or so from the AN2.
I already have sent an email to Support two days ago, but no answer.


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Re: Re - Download AN2

Post by snave » 16 Oct 2016, 21:27

Download link no use without the key, so you need to wait for the developers to respond. However, if no changes have been made to the system the hardware fingerprint might not have changed from the original activation email and the email also contains the download location.

You still have that, surely?
Simon Evans

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Re: Re - Download AN2

Post by Eagle Spirit » 27 Mar 2017, 03:29

I too had to reinstall FSX. Requested dl link along with all the purchase information. NO REPLY FROM SUPPORT. And no, I no longer have the link.

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Re: Re - Download AN2

Post by Springbok » 08 Apr 2021, 19:11

If you need the An-2: here is the most actual version:
regards Kevin

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