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Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 22 Oct 2010, 01:04
by Tigerclaw
Dear Andrey,

I have looked for my issues and whether there will be corrections in the next update, and I can't find any references. I see you are working on an amphibian version for the BirdDog, so I'd like to ask if you intend to fix the ILS needle problem, or indeed if you are aware of it?

Basically I had to do an ILS landing today, no choice, and it very nearly ended in disaster. I had tuned the nav radio to the ILS frequency, then tuned the HSI/OBS (whatever the one with the 2 needles is called) to the runway heading. I watched the localizer needle coming in and turned on course, then as I matched course with the runway, the needle shot off to one side. The Glideslope needle worked all the way to the landing spot, but the localizer was way off. I found it very disorientating in the fog to stay on course, and using the needles was practically useless. Can this be fixed in the next update possibly?

My BirdDog is practically my default aircraft, I fly it pretty much exclusively unless I'm in a Helicopter. I occasionally jump in the cub, but I'm currently touring PNW in the BirdDog and weather is not so good. You have produced what I class as my best addon aircraft, and today it was spoiled because there is no way to complete an ILS landing.

Oh by the way, I'm flying the "F" version, so I don't know if the other versions are okay on ILS.

Re: Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 22 Oct 2010, 18:56
by snave
You have checked to make sure - positive - that the runway you were aiming for doesn't have an offset ILS..?

Possibly best to try this at a default airport then report your findings so we can try it and see if its repeatable.

Re: Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 22 Oct 2010, 19:48
by pj_3
Which airport and runway Tiger?

Re: Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 22 Oct 2010, 21:51
by Tigerclaw
I can't remember the runway off hand. But I have tried this at EGMC runway 24 ILS freq. 111.35 Runway Heading 234.17

This is my home airport and I do all my testing there. As the needle comes in and I turn to runway heading 234 at about 2 miles out, as soon as I'm on runway heading and the needle goes straight, it shoots off to the right usually. The glideslope needle works all the way to the ground correctly if you compare to the papi lights.

It is possible there might be some confusion while tuning the OBS. I use the tooltip numbers to tell me when heading 234, but the gauge itself does NOT point to 234. I can't really fluff around re-tuning the gauge while I'm landing. I tried and it wasn't pretty :D

@snave, I value your expertise, so I have given you the test information I have. EGMC is totally default for me, and the ILS works perfectly in many other aircraft. That's why I use it, it's also familiar to me.

Re: Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 23 Oct 2010, 12:13
by Dieter
I just tried EGMC ILS24, same problem as described by Tigerclaw.

This problem is on any ILS airport approach in FSX.
The glide slope bar brings the plane down on a correct glide path.
But strictly following the course deviation bar (CDI)
(in case of low visibility and you don't see the runway from the distannce)
the plane does not meet runway heading for a safe landing.
(Just try a standard MS C-172 and you will not have this problem)


Re: Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 23 Oct 2010, 12:50
by Tigerclaw
I was talking to my friend about this yesterday, as he has the same plane with the same issue, and he told me he got over it by making a pop up window with a VOR gauge in it.

I've bought a load of gauges from Simflyer (I think) and I've now done the same as him. I have a pop up window with a VOR gauge that serves my purpose. I'll use this in the interim, but will hope for a fix eventually.

If anyone else is interested I used FSPanel Studio, and this is what resulted:

[Window Titles]
Window00= [original text here]

Original main panel text

Original GPS window text

window_size= 0.270, 0.300
window_pos= 0.720, 0.660

gauge00=SFGMXSX!GVOR_1, 45,47,53,53

Original VC text

[Default View]
Original view text

I'm not sure if you can just copy and paste this text, but if you have panel.cfg knowledge then it shouldn't be hard to replicate the window. Pressing <shift>3 will bring up a VOR indicator with localizer and glideslope needles in the bottom right corner on my screen.

Re: Pre Amphibian update

Posted: 24 Oct 2010, 00:14
by pj_3
Well, I approached it (F model) at about 20 degs off to the right at 3000 feet, Tiger, with the OBS set to 240 and NAV set at 111.35. It intercepted both beams ok with nothing out of the ordinary, except that the localizer transmitter seemed aimed about five degrees off to the right. Now - that might be the inaccuracy of my setting the OBS, as, looking at the airport with Airport Design Editor - the localizer looks perfect. I found this same thing with the Vancouver E-W runways, but those two are erroneous and need to be fixed. Others have noted this one, too. It can be corrected with ADE. Sooooo... I can't account for your localizer needle shooting off to one side... Sorry