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Product Download Assistance

Posted: 19 Jul 2010, 01:58
by hodge001

Having purchased the Bird Dog earlier today, I was wondering if it would be possible for some alternate server address or an alternate method of my getting the product, as at present the installer is downloading at a speed that is hovering (and has been all day) at less than 3KB/Sec, giving me an eighteen hour plus download time, and I have confirmed that the bottle neck is not at my end, as I have downloaded a scenery package from another vendor with a files size of 1.1GB which actually took just over twelve minutes, I do really want the product so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Hodkinson


Just a quick update, after trying most of the night I am at the moment downloading the Bird Dog at >650kb/Sec, I have no idea what was the issue, but it does seem to have either corrected itself, or you have found the cause of the issue, thanks for any assistance that was given, now I am off to install her.

Jim Hodkinson