Great Dog!

All problems and technical questions concerning our Cessna O-1/L-19 Bird Dog are discussed here.
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Great Dog!

Post by hermannk1 » 30 Mar 2010, 01:23

I've been flying the Birddog since it's release for FSX. I've had no problems whatsoever, of any kind and thoroughly enjoy this beauty! :grin: :) Maybe I am just lucky and all my settings are just right, I don't know. Why is it possible for one user to have no problems at all and another user is disgusted and annoyed? I begin to think it is settings outside of Birddog or even outside of FSX...
Thanks again for this beauty!!! :!:

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Re: Great Dog!

Post by snave » 30 Mar 2010, 02:26

Thanks Hermannk1, for bringing the other side of the story. The Bird Dog isn't perfect - SibWings know this, but like with the Safir you can rely on them to improve and solve problems, but it has to be said that simmers problems are sometimes the fault of something beyond the installation of a product.

FWIW I just worked through a troubleshoot on an airplane with a fellow simmer (not on a SibWings product, I should mention) and tracked the problem to several factors ALL of which were utterly unrelated to the simulation product itself. This was yet another of those "Well it doesn't happen with any other aircraft..." problems but what I was able to show was that three changes made to the system and the simulator itself - changes made on the `advice` of `experts` in FSX - had collaborated to cause the problem being experienced.
not only that, but having solved that particular peccadillo, I got an email from the chap pointing out that he WAS having problems with other aircraft, just hadn't realised until I showed him the fix for what he had noticed - and attributed wrongly to the addon.
Simon Evans

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Re: Great Dog!

Post by Rollpap » 30 Mar 2010, 08:34

See my post "Birddog flightmodel" , may be is an answer to the problem...

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Re: Great Dog!

Post by sg38 » 30 Mar 2010, 11:38

Well, Simon, how about posting your magic 'outside' non-FSX-related fix instead of keeping them a secret.
I'm VERY interested how your magic abilities relate e.g. to the constant speed propeller problem which identical to the old Safir problem and Sibwings not even thinks about correcting it.
Does the flat spin problem disappear ?
I would be surprised as Sibwings stated that the flatspin is intentional....why they did that is beyond me.
Seems that Sibwings isn't listening to YOU as an highly experienced 'advisor', at least that's a step in the right direction, LOL

Talking about magic fixes, and not even posting them doesn't help Sibwings or their customers st all.

Looking VERY much forward to the 'improved' flight model!