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Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 02:32
by chet two wolves
Dear Andrey,I keep hereing be patience about the update.As for myself my patience is running out.I like meany others work hard for living.31 bucks to me is a lot for a plane that looks outstanding, but has a lot of problems.And can't even injoy it.I,ve been waited over a year for the bird dog.How much patience do you think i have for plane that has alot of bugs.What we have to wait for two years before we get the update.Chet Two Wolves. :?

Re: update

Posted: 18 Feb 2010, 16:10
by Dieter
I am not a pilot, but a FightSim user for many years . And I can make comparisons with airplanes of other software companies.
I do not write down any brand names, but there are some small aircrafts, which are in the mouth of many FSX users at the present time.
And they are more than happy and content. There must be good reasons for that.

I do hope and expect that the flight dynamics will be substantially improved in not too long future.
I do not understand that the many beta testers could give themselves content with this result.
This might cause protest, but, if there were improvements proposed, why are they not implemented?
A simulator plane does not only consist of VC and airframe textures but of good flight dynamics, too.

At current time I completely agree chet two wolfes.
This is an airplane as from the picture book, but at present unfortunately only hangar software! :cry:
With this opinion I do not stand alone.

Re: update

Posted: 19 Feb 2010, 00:14
by Andrey
Hello there,

Sorry guys, but is some reasons for delay (not depending with FS) unfortunately I can't spend enought time working this moment. I do belive update would be done in first days of March. We did most work on graphic for it, now some other tasks need to be done.

Second about fright dunamic - probably you are right, it is not our best side - noone of our team is real pilot, besides we are pretty far from aircraft we work on, and honestly now have no chance to be close to them with income from FSadd-ons :( We need to do something with it in future, lear more or probably connect with some one who is good in FS dynamic editing, we'll see.

Thanks for critics