FSX locks up when changing aircraft

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FSX locks up when changing aircraft

Post by teeboy » 26 Dec 2009, 22:27

First, can I congratulate you guys on a very nice add-on (even if we have been waiting.... :wink: :wink: ).

I do have a few problems with it though -

The ADF and OBS are not quite right as reported in another thread (ADF tuning dial marks do not agree with the tooltip and the OBS course tape does not agree with the tooltip, but neither of these seem correct?). I do have a problem when changing aircraft after using the Bird Dog - FSX hangs at the 'black screen' point while you wait for the aircraft selection window to open, which never happens. I have had to resort to restarting my PC. I am hopeful you can fix this soon, unfortunately your Safir gave me similar problems (I had to give up on it after a change (not upgrade!!) to Vista, and disk problems shortly after lost the download :( ) - hopefully the same will not happen with this little beauty.

For info, I am using FSX Acceleration, E8500, 4Gb ram, Vista 32 bit (please don't snigger at the back!) and ATI 4830 graphics card.


(I appear to have been caught out by the register/ write post slowly daemon - see previous thread :oops: ).

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Re: FSX locks up when changing aircraft

Post by Andrey » 26 Dec 2009, 23:06

from Airtrooper:
I love the Bird Dog, but having flown her if I then try to change aircraft FSX locks up/hangs/freezes and I have to restart it...

Any suggestions?

Anyone else suffering the same...?
Decide to connect topics with same names.

Honestly I'm myself have no such bug here, but we'll learn the problem, will see what we can do.
As for ADF and OBS, we are already informed, I had checked it today, in deed needs to be fixed. Keep your eyes on our site & forum.

We are at facebook: facebook.com/sibwings

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FSX Locks Up after flight with Bird Dog

Post by ramsa329 » 27 Dec 2009, 01:08

2 issues:

1) Whenever I start a flight or when switching views with the Bird Dog on the ground she jumps possibly a contact points issue?

2) After every flight with the Bird Dog when I exit (ESC, End Flight, click on "X") the sim locks up and will not close down.

Thanks for any help with this.

Michael Greenblatt

chet two wolves
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Re: FSX locks up when changing aircraft

Post by chet two wolves » 27 Dec 2009, 01:31

Yes.When go to get out of fsx. it won,t turn off the program.Still outstanding birddog.Same as i try to change aircraft. :(

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Re: FSX locks up when changing aircraft

Post by SGTMAJOR » 28 Dec 2009, 11:04


Just to add what already has been posted......

1. If I try to save the flight with the Bird Dog (any of the four).... FSX appears to close, however, if I come back later and attempt to start FSX, I receive a message that states, "FSX is already running." Opening the task manager, FSX does not show under the "Applications" running tab but does show under the "Processes" Tab. (ending the process doesn't seem to help...... I have to reboot to clear it.)
2. As others have stated..... If I attempt to select a different aircraft (Other than the Bird Dog).... I get a black screen and FSX does not respond. It appears I am able to switch between the different models of the Bird Dog with favorable results.
3. If I start FSX with any other aircraft and then switch to the Bird Dog.....flying seems to work out okay, however, even if I end the flight (ctrl-C) sometimes I get a black screen with FSX not responding........ sometimes FSX will close and I can't seem to isolate why. (I've tried different times of day..... REX running......REX disabled.....real weather running...... etc. Seems to be no apparent scenerio)


My Specs:
Window 7 Professional (64 bit)
Intel Quad i7 920 2.67ghz clocked to 3.8ghz
6gb Ram
GeForce GTX 260 Video

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Re: FSX locks up when changing aircraft

Post by JonP01 » 26 Jun 2011, 15:54


I was just wondering if this problem relating to FSX hanging / locking up when changing Sibwings aircraft has been resolved please?

I recently purchased the Bird Dog and installed it into a completely stock out-of-the-box version of FSX SP2. I noticed the same problem as the other posters - if I tried to change from one Bird Dog aircraft to another, FSX will minimise to the taskbar, cannot be maximised and can then only be shut down via CTRL, ALT, DELETE then killing off the fsx.exe process. Additionally, I have problems with FSX hanging when starting the application if the Bird Dog is the default aircraft for the default flight (though I can happily get around that by keeping the default flight as per the standard Microsoft one).

The locking / hanging issue when changing aircraft though is a significant problem, since the only 100% reliable way to select another Sibwings aircraft is to close the whole FSX application then start it up all over again.

I just purchased the SAAB Safir today and I have the exact same problem with it as I have the Bird Dog - FSX hangs / locks to the taskbar when trying to change from one version of it to another and I have to kill the fsx.exe process.

I should also add that this hanging / locking does not occur 100% of the time - sometimes I can change Sibwings aircraft 2 or 3 times without the sim hanging and locking up - other times it hangs and locks as soon as I try to change aircraft the very first time.

I never had issues with the stock version of FSX - this has only started to happen since installing Sibwings aircraft.

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