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Block Black Wings, No VC with P3d V2.5!!

Posted: 28 Feb 2016, 06:54
by Blackace16
Got the same problem Aviationace1 experienced back in 2011 -- except reinstall of P3d V2.5 has not corrected problem as reinstall of FSX and SP1 and SP2 did for him. In this case, the program has been used extensively for several years on this machine. The only new changes are (1) replacement of C drive with Samsung 850 512GB SS drive and upgrade of Windows 7 Prof to Windows 10 prof. Have tried to reinstall 5-10 times. Install sequence always recognizes me as registered owner. Nothing in install process suggests there is a licensing problem. Even purchased a 2nd copy thinking that might solve problem (1st copy was free grata courtesy of SibWings for my assistance in developing flight dynamics back in 2010). In both cases, no joy. Have contacted Alex and Andrey at SibWings by personal communication twice requesting assistance -- but they are silent on the issue. I am uploading two screen shots to show visual problem. Upon selecting one of the SibWings dogs, the plane will load, and for 5-10 seconds, bird will look normal and then deteriorate. Attempts to go to VC mode are fruitless. Cycling of the hat switch only shows surrounds around the plane -- but none of the internal features of the cockpit to include the instrument panel, joystick, etc. Interestingly, however, the bird can still be flown -- as screen shots indicate. Anyway, if someone on the forum might have experienced the same problem with P3d V2.5, would appreciate your thoughts.

Re: Block Black Wings, No VC with P3d V2.5!!

Posted: 05 Mar 2016, 20:14
by snave
Focus attention on your graphics card and drivers - updating to Win 10 may prove to be the issue as there is little doubt that drivers for that platform are nowhere near as advanced.

When you reinstalled P3D did you rebuild the temporary shaders file and manually remove the previous data files, per L-M advice? If this was a clean reinstall on a completely new OS and a reformatted HD then you can safely answer `no`.

If not, then did you use the stupid update Win7 to Win 10 installation? And leave the vestiges of the previous P3D installation in place?

This will have introduced errors.

Answer and perhaps we can advise how to proceed, but do provide full system specs. And detail how the Windows update was carried out.

Re: Block Black Wings, No VC with P3d V2.5!!

Posted: 15 May 2016, 20:20
by yorkshireflyer
I am also getting this! I'm not sure it has anything to do with the operating system. I think there's an issue with the installer/activation process here! I'm also awaiting a response.

Will be great to fly the pitts again a great aircraft!