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Version 1.15

Posted: 16 Feb 2012, 23:15
by Andrey
Hello everyone!

Into addition to previous update - viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1044 - we did some more improvements of S2 models:

What's new:

- Landing gears modeled with more polygons and details (brake support, bolts, rubber cord in perimeter)
gears.jpg (121.4 KiB) Viewed 14226 times
- Shape of air income fixed
airincome.jpg (102.53 KiB) Viewed 14226 times
- Grills on S2B cowl sides now done in 3D not with bump map and looks pretty cool
grill.jpg (123.83 KiB) Viewed 14226 times
- Some small details added, tubes, inspection covers done in 3d etc.
bottom.jpg (369.58 KiB) Viewed 14226 times
- S2 paint kits reloaded with new uv maps.

How to install:
If you just bought Pitts - no worries - you are already have last version. If you bought Pitts before 17 Feb 2012 do next:
- download
- run start\programs\sibwings\Pitts Special\uninstal
- then run downloaded pitts.exe
- NO REACTIVATION needed if you purchase it before.

If not, product page still on the same place:
We still open for any your reports and recommendations.

Thanks for attention, have fun flying our aircraft!


Re: Version 1.15

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 00:40
by Andrey
Btw screenshots of S2 are reloaded, so reflect all last changes:


Re: Version 1.15

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 02:24
by CBris
Nice work!

Re: Version 1.15

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 02:50
Thank you very much for the update

Re: Version 1.15

Posted: 17 Feb 2012, 04:31
by 10lrrp
Thanks for the update, this is how you get customers for life !!!!!!

Thanks Andy B.