Waiting for maintenance service

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Waiting for maintenance service

Post by Dieter » 10 Feb 2011, 16:52

Well, it's about 7 month ago when we received the excellent flight dynamics updates, which made this great plane really flyable. :)
So far, so good, but...

What about the technical issues raised here in the forum, but neither were competently handled or answered by the staff nor were the problems ever fixed. :x
Of course, there are individual interpretation about the fact when a flight simulator aircraft is well done.
Some users are happy when "she" generally flies and has good texture paintings, some want additionally a well done VC with working gauges and others want all, excellent real FDE, great textures (including specs and bumps), real and exactly working gauges.

While asking for this some might already call it "nitpicking".

I just grabbed two of those problems that have never been fixed until today:

Fuel Select Valve problem, posted Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:04 am
- different answers, but not from the staff, no solution
answered by metzgergva » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:38 am:
The issue is the tank selector valve coding not the tank position, I guess it will be adressed in another fix.
(I know A. Metzger cannot speak for SibWings)

VOR / ILS logic?
- is there any chance these VOR/ILS issues will ever be fixed?
asked by by jetjerry » Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:31 pm
(similar postings to this problem are mentioned long before this one)
- no answers, no solution

I hope we don't have to wait for "the day the cows come home" for getting these problems recovered.
And the solution should come before the Pitts Special is published.

By the way, there are unsolved problems with the Safir, too ( I just mention "Rudder effectiveness") But this is not the forum for that.

The BirdDog is still a plane I like very much. But the staff is some kind of quiet. I wonder is this plane already "far from eye far from heart."?
(I know that SibWings is designing planes as a side job, but before putting all energy into the next project, old problems should be solved.)

Why is there this deafening silence to these technical problems?
That'd be like opening a can of worms! But I think it's not only me who is waiting for solutions.

Many greetings

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