L19 power

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L19 power

Post by cromhunt » 19 Aug 2010, 16:19

Hello :)
I'm french army pilot in retirement and did flying this bird for 1000 hours in ALAT(aviation legère de l'armée de terre).

I remember that the plane was a little bit more powerful.
Hey not a big deal :)the whole flying model is quite perfect.
You did an outstanding work as well graphs sounds and flight model.
When using it in fsx i do feeling sensations as well i remember .

Just a word:
when i did training with the real plane:
was able to fly 40 mph indicated with 30°flaps out.
Indeed it was a test for the new and young pilots:
knowing if they would be able to maintain the plane at this speed.
So another way to test manoeuvrability was take off with 30° flaps out ,climb up to reach 500 feets at 40 mph,reduce gaz full down,make a 360° and get land in the same way as the take off.

So it's possible in the game only if changing the power scalar as shown below:
power_scalar = 1.7 //Piston power scalar

But the Rpm indicated become false and too high.

I did also graphics change to get an ALAT aircraft,if you agree will do a link to download.

see you next:)
Crom se moque des quatres vents

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