Thank you

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Thank you

Post by bliksimpie » 10 Jul 2010, 04:16

Sibwings team

I just want to say thank you for a great product. A lot can be said but what you have delivered for me is truly an outstanding product. Yes you still will have a few whiners moaning about this and that.. For me personally this is absolutely brilliant and I know this little bits will be fixed in due course.! Rome was not build in one day.. Patience is a virtue to those that is willing to wait a bit.

You can be very proud of what you have accomplished with the flight dynamics (measured against the first release FD).

Keep well and bless you all

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Re: Thank you

Post by Andrey » 10 Jul 2010, 19:13

Thank you very much JB!

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Re: Thank you

Post by sbflyer » 10 Jul 2010, 21:43

+1 The plane is now fantastic with the improved FD. Beautiful new liveries also. Can take off and land in a 10 knot crosswind
with reasonable care similar to the default Maule. I'm not a real pilot, but I suspect the FD is now extremely realistic. Thanks!
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Re: Thank you

Post by RudiJG1 » 10 Jul 2010, 23:27

I'm new to the Bird Dog and was motivated to get it based on the screenshots and the 1.2 update. I have no regrets at's a wonderful small prop to fly in FSX. Thanks, indeed.

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Re: Thank you

Post by Roger » 10 Jul 2010, 23:52

Great update!

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