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Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 18 Jun 2010, 03:59
by Ron Attwood
This evening I made a flight from Vashon Island (just love that municipal!)to Darrington WA, in my battered BirdDog. I've made the trip several times, but with the safety net of GPS and a flight plan and going the other way. Tonight, feeling a bit cocky, I thought I'd try something a little different. I started from Vashon Municipal with no FP thinking that I knew the route backwards. Long story short, I took a wrong turn somewhere and found myself in the mountains having to fly higher and higher! :smt107 It's daft I know, but it was getting scary and I'm thinking OMG, I'm lost! [-o< I'm desperately, yes, desperately looking for somewhere to land....Nothing! Eventually I spy a blue circular icon with EAT next to it. As I got nearer, Hallelujah! It was an airport. :grin:
Two questions, one; Is it right that a grown man should frighten himself like this, when he can easily hit 'Esc'?
Two; I couldn't find any reference to EAT on Google Earth even giving the map reference. What's THAT about?

Cheers, Ron

EDIT: Despite being stressed out I made a nice smooth landing. (Thought I'd let you know. :grin: )

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 18 Jun 2010, 09:04
by Alan_A
Funny you should mention this. I've been trying to teach myself dead recokining, and the other day I took off from Stark's Twin Oaks in another manufacturer's aircraft (OK, the RealAir Citabria, if you're curious), bound for Tilamook. Made the mistake of trusting the map more than my headings, followed the wrong road, and after getting really concerned about the length of the flight, found myself above a narrow flat plain right against the sea. Broke down, checked the GPS and found out I was in Astoria. Landed safely, feeling happy to have landed anywhere...

Back to class tomorrow with pencil, plotter and E6B...


Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 18 Jun 2010, 12:41
by Ron Attwood
Well that IS interesting because I made a note of the coordinates from the FSX map and entered them in Google Earth. Apparently I ended up in High Street, Manilla, Phillipines! :lol:

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 18 Jun 2010, 22:20
by Alan_A
Now that takes talent. And big fuel tanks. And maybe a few of these.

Or does it all come down to... bad code...?

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 18 Jun 2010, 23:18
by pj_3
yeah, but Ron didn't say how much booze he had consumed when he did the flight plan.... he was following some of the Great Circle Routes.... :grin:

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 19 Jun 2010, 00:32
by Ron Attwood
This is the position as per FSX map: N47° 24.10 W120° 12.42 (somewhere in Washington state)
Google Earth didn't recognise that format so I put in: 47° 24.10N 120° 12.42W (High Street Manilla)

And stop laughing at my plight you unsympathetic buggers!

Paul, go and test something!

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 21 Jun 2010, 03:03
by pj_3
hahahaheheheh!!!! yeah ok, Ron... hahahaha...
:lol: :smt005 :smt005 :P :smt026 :smt005 :lol: :roll: :smt005

Re: Nothing to do with updates...Ron and others

Posted: 08 Jul 2010, 02:27
by Crusader
Hay Ron , Check this out . I notice you and quite a few here fly in Washington State(me included) . It's a PDF file(manual) that might be very useful . It was posted on a few days ago .
Very interesting and helpful for those of us that get lost once in awhile . :?

Check it out : ... sGuide.pdf


Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 08 Jul 2010, 02:46
by Ron Attwood
Terrific, thanks a lot. I spend a lot of time mooching around Darrington/Concrete through to Vashon and back.

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 08 Jul 2010, 16:00
by pj_3
This is beautiful, Rich. It's a pretty useful pdf, so thanks!
Yeah - for GA and testing the BD the OrbX PACNW and AWO Arlington is my home base, too - as it's very frame-friendly, has good runways and approaches, and is well-positioned for excursions "up-country".

Re: Nothing to do with updates

Posted: 09 Jul 2010, 00:20
by mos
Hi Rich !
I can only ditto, what Ron and Paul already mentioned, above, thanks, it's about the only area ("PNW" /ORBX /NA BLUE) I fly in, (bay the way, same things happened before PNW/ORBX, but with: UTX Canada,. Ground Environment X USA-Canada., FS Global 2008., Ground Details FSX., Cuatro Bundle Pack), and here ORBX-"PNW" is really a step in the right directions (except for Seattle / Vancouver) default around 40 fsp, - ORBX PNW Seattle / Vancouver 12-15 fps)??) anyway, a Bird-Dog haven't much to do there, I guess)).
But again thanks for sharing "PDF file(manual)".