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A BirdDog afficianado

Posted: 22 May 2010, 03:31
by Ron Attwood
I bought this aircraft 5 minutes after a friend told me about it and no regrets. It's a marvellous little crate. In fact I've hardly 'flown' anything else since getting it.

I'm aware that a patch is on the way and much has been said about it in quite heated terms. This is how I see it. The patch was expected in early March when you, the developers, said you were on the final touches. It's now late May. The silence is deafening! Come on chaps let's see some professionalism.
I've not seen a specific bug report thread on this forum but I've read most of the complaints and in general I'd agree with them.(T/O and landing idiosyncrasies)
A couple of other things that I've noticed. 1: switching both magnetos on activates the starter and there's a click point at the base of the control column that just says '1', it does nothing!
Sorry to be yet another whinger but I needed to get it off my chest.

Re: A BirdDog afficiano

Posted: 22 May 2010, 04:02
by pj_3
Hey Ron; You're right - it's a marvelous little crate! This was my very first rubber band/balsa model when I was about 6 years old!

I purchased her about about two weeks ago, and got involved, volunteering to help with the flight dynamics testing.
What I can tell you is - there are now five versions including skis and floats, and (while not speaking for SibWings) the flight dynamics end is now in the process of getting the last 5% of "picky" little things tightened up. Don't hold me to this, but I would estimate we might be another week, perhaps - could be sooner, before we're satisfied. Personally - it has to spin as per the real aircraft, it has to slip: it needs the power matched to the prop; the correct flap drag and lift; the right "feel" on take-off, and so on. Much of this has been completed, but in fairness - the SibWings devs want it to be right when it's finally released; it wasn't that way the first time round, and they lost their FDE right after that, so they've had some scrambling to do. We do have access to a good number of L-19 jockeys, and are getting the right information translated into the dynamics. It won't be long now.
On the odd switch problems - I can't help you with that - it's Alex's department, but yeah - I've noticed that - also the flap switch/lever is wrong in the way it operates. There's a couple of minor things that need attending to, and I'm sure they will all get the attention that you (and me) guys want.


Re: A BirdDog afficiano

Posted: 22 May 2010, 05:17
by Ron Attwood
I half expected a slagging off. :grin: The thing I find very disappointing, and it's not just Sibwings, is that a product is offered for sale in an unfinished state. Carenado do the same. Their last offering the Bonanza was first greeted with huzzahs! Then people realised it wasn't up to scratch and a few weeks later a patch was issued. But hey, that's how things are these days (old fart mode=1)
I've just come back from a whizz round Tongass fjords and couldn't help thinking that if the BirdDog acted the way it does in the sim the observer would be screaming "Keep the bloody thing still, I can't see a thing!" :grin:
I've no doubt it'll all come good though. :smt023

Re: A BirdDog afficiano

Posted: 24 May 2010, 00:11
by pj_3
Well she's pretty nice now, Ron. The FD is pretty much finished at this point, and I'm pretty confident you'll like her much better this time around. The devs have still got some things to fix - like flap switch, starter switch and a few other things - and those may already have been done - I don't know.

Re: A BirdDog afficiano

Posted: 24 May 2010, 02:10
by Ron Attwood
All's well that ends well eh? :grin: