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Thank You and a few comments

Posted: 01 May 2012, 06:14
by Rudyjo
My first post here after getting the Bird Dog this afternoon.
First, to Alex for the quick replies to get me through the activation process, thank you.
As was mentioned here, this plane needs a Tundra model! Hopefully with the "F" panel.
Two things I would like to see in an update:
1. The landing lights don't light up much of the runway, could they be made to shine about 100 ft. ahead of the wing?
2. The red instrument lights are great. I would love to be able to turn them on so they would show at Dusk and Dawn instead of just at night. Perhaps instead of the two panel lights on each side turning on a clear light, make one turn on
the clear panel light and the other turn on the red panel lights?
I notice on at least one of the panels when I point to the Outside Air Temperature, I get the words "Battery-ON", Is the OAT supposed to indicate the temperature?
When pointing to what I assume are the battery cables at the battery box, I get the number "1", does this mean something?
One last question.... Is the 1.2 update already included with the download as I think it is, or do I need to download that separately?
Again, Thanks for this great plane, It will be getting a lot of air time. With the tundra tires and the Amphibian model, it's perfect for ORBX's PNW.

Re: Thank You and a few comments

Posted: 01 May 2012, 09:02
by Andrey
Hello Rudyio!

Thank you for report, for kind words. We'll take this into account. however already try to provide panel light at Dusk and Down - no luck.. this is bug on the edge of the FSX engine and technology we used for "light" impossible to fix it with same technology - cockpits should be redone totally...

..and yes 1.2 is already included into download pack, you needn't download it separately.

best regards,

Re: Thank You and a few comments

Posted: 01 May 2012, 14:06
by Rudyjo
Andrey; Thank you for the reply and information.
This was not in the manual, so I have two questions.
1. What is a Chip Detector ?
2. When doing a long flight, do pilots switch between fuel tanks every half hour or so to keep the plane ballanced ? Or do they run the main tank to about a quarter tank and then switch to the Aux. tank ?
Now that I have a few hours on the Bird Dog, all I can say is this is the best download I have purchased, it just keeps getting better !

Re: Thank You and a few comments

Posted: 03 May 2012, 06:47
by Rudyjo
Sorry about the comment that the landing lights do not light much of the runway. I found that if you raise the seat view, they do show the runway very well.
I have been having a wonderful time with this plane.