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Posted: 19 Jul 2008, 01:00
by per
Tryed to download/activate the "FLYGREVYN" livery, bur everytime I did, I get CTD, (crash to desktop) the FS just shuts down when I try to activate and fly the plane...
Anyone know what on earth I do wrong?
Best regards

Re: Flygrevyn???

Posted: 19 Jul 2008, 10:39
by jankees

Sorry about this, you did nothing wrong I believe...I've had a remark that the problem lies with the resolution of the repaint. The textures are in 72dpi and should be in a higher resolution, 96 dpi (check with other texture files). I am currently rebuilding everything after a total computer crash, if and when I find the textures again, I'll see about posting an update, for now you cab try to change the resolution with any graphic program (gimp, photoshop, illustrator etc).
Again, sorry about this, it was my first Safir repaint...