I can still be impressed by the quality

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I can still be impressed by the quality

Post by Voyager30 » 14 Jan 2007, 23:06

I must say that though I have had this gem for a while can the quality of it still impress me.

I do my most flying inside the VC cockpit but a stroll on the outside from time to time to check tire and so :roll: .

Today did i see a tiny detail on the fuselage on the SE-KVZ paint that i had not seen before - a faint remembrance from earlier times - look at the screenie.

A tone change in the paint from a previous sponsor logo :!: - "FFV Arotech", just above the fairing - geeze talk about autency and precision when it comes to details.

I have to give another =D> =D> =D> to the SibWings team

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Post by Andrey » 15 Jan 2007, 06:32

Hi Gerth!

lol, thank you for compliment :) That logo is pretty obvious on the real plane, even more then on the model ;)

We are at facebook: facebook.com/sibwings

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