I think ive done somthign bad

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I think ive done somthign bad

Post by Guest » 09 Sep 2006, 19:55

i downloaded your airacft off a website - i think it was piratebay.com or something like that but i saw the comments below the download and it said that you guys were going to report us or something. i dont know much about fs downloads and i didnt know u had to pay for your plane. i just searched saab safir on google and thats how i got to it.

Sorry and to let you know i am definately going to pay for the Saaab today without fail.

So sorry,



Post by Guest » 09 Sep 2006, 20:45

ok ive payed for the Saab now and i just hope that u all accept my deepest apologies :(

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Post by Mia » 09 Sep 2006, 21:08

That's OK now, Michael :wink:

Apologies accepted.

Hope you will enjoy flying SAAB Safir 8)

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Post by SGTMAJOR » 09 Sep 2006, 22:33

Mike..... for what it's worth.... I'm just a fan of the Safir the same as you. I have nothing or no ties to these folks at all.

However, You're my hero partner. Being a HUGH FS fan for many years now and purchasing "payware" aircraft..... I'm disappointed when I see people steal the hard work these designers put into making wonderful works of art for me and other honest people to enjoy. I have done some beta testing for several designers in the past, and you can not believe how many LONG hours go into puting something like the Safir together.

Anyway.... you have restored my faith that there REALLY are some very decent people out there.

Thanks for being who you are!!



Post by Guest » 09 Sep 2006, 23:14

Thanks you both and that is very nice of you dear Steve sir. They are very kind comments.

However I have a problem! :cry:

When i load the Safir - there is no panel! - when i am in Cockpit model there is literally nothing - i just see the scenery infront of me - any ideas?

Thanks guys :)


Post by Guest » 09 Sep 2006, 23:21

Ive only just found out that there is a 2D panel to download :lol:

Sorry for that :oops:

However the install intructions i find hard to follow :oops: :oops:

It says : 'For installation of SAAB 91 Safir just copy "Aircraft" and "Gauges" folders from this pack to the FS2004 root directory.' I did this but there are already a gauge and aircraft folder :?

Could anyone kindly point me in the right direction?

Thanks :)

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Post by Voyager30 » 10 Sep 2006, 01:31


Just do as it says, the files will then be put in the right folders if you unzip the package in the FS9 root folder.

The other way to do it is to unzip the package to a separate place on your harddrive and the move the files from each folder into the same folder under FS9 root.

For example if you take a file from your unziped package in folder "...\Aircraft\sibwings SAAB 91B Safir" then it should be placed in "C:\Program\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\SibWings SAAB 91B Safir" (as i have my flightsim installed on this path), in your case locate yuor FS9 folder oand browse further, when pasting the files into the folder overwrite if asked.

Hope this helps you out.

Gerth E.

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