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Moose wrote:I realize I'm dredging up an old thread here, but was this autopilot ever posted anywhere? If not, I'm looking to just add one autopilot function to HB-DBL...all I want is a wing leveler. That's it. Not even any heading or altitude hold, I'd just like to be able to hit "Z" and have the wings stay level, so I can take my hand off the stick for a minute or two, or get up and use the bathroom. Is there a tweak to the aircraft.cfg that I could use to add that function? Thanks. :)
This is what I have done with all my Safirs and it's very easy. Go to your Saab Safir folders in Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft. Inside each Safir folder you will see a file called Aircraft.cfg. Make a backup copy of it (just in case) and then open it. At the bottom of this file is a heading called [autopilot]. Under this heading is: autopilot_available=0. Change the 0 to a 1 and save the file. You can now hit Control+V to level the wings in your Safir. To disconnect the autopilot press Z. And you can use all the other (relevant) standard FS9 autopilot keyboard commands. Hope this is useful. Regards Frog

Sune Lind
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To equip a Safir with an autopilot must be considered as a criminal act !
The aircraft has such excellent control harmony that every second flying it is a moment of absolute pleasure.
I'd rather wet my pants than let go of the stick for one single moment !

Sorry, I just couldnt help it, it's my twisted kind of humour, but I would never use the autopilot in a real Safir even if there was one fitted.

I guess this one will fit HB-DBL nicely. Thank you !

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.....yeah, very well said.
You are absoloutley right about this.... Flying S91 with autopilot must feel like someone had stolen the "saturdaynight candy" from you

As for me Auto is used for getting to the airport, Pilot is in the cockpit.
Proper use of trim keep´s you on altitude whith minor hdg korrection´s,
long enough to visit the large VC.(wc)

This lady is intended to fly by hand. By the way, when checking out the airplane i found that
a former owner has forgot his gps in the glovecompartment. As i was unable to track him down
I sold it on E´bay, and bought flyingcharts over Erope for the money.

Anyway this i my opinion

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