SAAB SAFIR 91-C Restoration Project South Africa for sale

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SAAB SAFIR 91-C Restoration Project South Africa for sale

Post by Metis » 22 Jun 2014, 20:24

Hi there,
I have searched many websites and this is one off the few where the SAAB Safire is discussed.
A businessman from South Africa bought 16 SAAB Safir 91-C’s and B17’s from the Ethiopian Air Force for a “reborn” project in South Africa.
My life partner, Graham Kew bought two SAAB Safire’s from him for a restoration project.
Perhaps you are familiar with the project.

My life partner, Graham Kew was involved in an aircraft accident and sustained major brain injuries. After two months in a coma I had to accept the reality that he was diagnosed as persistent vegetative and passed away five months after the accident due to secondary complications.
Graham bought two SAAB Safir 91-C’s fuselages and two full set of wings in 2003 to fully restore one as an ex- military aircraft. Unfortunately and sadly he was only a few months away from completing the restoration of the aircraft.

The one fuselage and set of wings were for spare parts, since spares for ex-air force planes are not easy obtainable. The complete fuselage and set of wings is still available
The SAAB Safir is fully restored and only the electrical system must be installed and wiring.
The engine is ready to be mounted
The engine is a O- 540 E4A5 – rebuild and main overhaul was done. Certified Engine hrs: 0hrs
New Hartzel HC C2YK F8477 Propeller
All parts, instruments, mainframe inspected and certified.
Complete record of restoration (photos & videos) available
Technical Manuals & books (literally a collection of over one hundred manuals and history books)

Due to recent amendments in the South African Civil Aviation Act, pertaining to rules and regulations for military aircraft, I was informed by their legal department, that it will be a tedious and very expensive exercise to register the aircraft and there are no guarantee that I will be successful.
A close family friend considered in the beginning to assist me to finish the rebuild that is 99% complete, but all the “red tape” involved, he decided that it would be a fruitless expenditure, since it will never fly.
The SAAB can be sold as a collectable for static display, if I’m lucky to find anyone in South Africa. A friend suggested that I should look for a buyer oversees.

In memory of my partner, it would be the greatest gift to see her fly. Even though he was vegetative, with no situational awareness, he responded to our 11year old daughter and smiled when we spoke about the SAAB.
I’ve attached a pictures.
Do you know of anyone who would be interested.
I have not advertised the SAAB on any aviation website. I would like her to return to Sweden. It will be a dream come true to see her first flight in Sweden.

Kind regards
Ronel Van Lingen
Cell no: +(27)832845191
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Re: SAAB SAFIR 91-C Restoration Project South Africa for sal

Post by Grzyby15 » 07 May 2015, 13:07

The offer still stands?

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