Thank you for a great aircraft

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Thank you for a great aircraft

Post by RobdeVries » 02 Sep 2006, 12:41

In real life I'm a Saab 900 Classic driver, so an aircraft from Saab finds a soft spot :)

I had no hesitation to buy this outstanding quality aircraft for a very nice price. I got 3 different planes! And everything is just in the right place, textures are crisp but no frame rate killers, every sound is there, every movement and functionality is portrayed and does actually something :)

I just pulled the normal checklist out and fired her up (the Swiss one) and did a few patterns and ooh man, I just had a few real life flight lessons, but this feels and looks very convincing to me.

From my heart a big thank you because I have a good procedure trainer and a very nice aircraft to 'fly' with.

No back to flying...the Saab

all the best,
Rob de Vries
The Netherlands
All the best,


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Post by maloney » 02 Sep 2006, 15:23

Hello Folks,

It's been said by Rob above. That bird is impressive!
It is probably the first FS aircraft that is flying not straight ahead if you let the stick go. Sad that my butt is not feeling the motion of the aircraft flying in not so smooth air. Take care in crosswind landings as this bird is exactly doing what a plane is for: Flying! Whith all the physics that FS can give it, it seems to me that the SAAB has more than correct aerodynamics.
Finally i can learn flying the hard way (i broke the gear in my first attempt).

Ladies and Gent's of the SibWings team: You did a darned great job!

Thanks very much

Urs Burkhardt

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Post by RobdeVries » 02 Sep 2006, 21:03

Well Urs the are right but Milton's and team (you're part of it so it seems) are not very standard or default either... :D
All the best,


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Post by frihjul92 » 03 Sep 2006, 00:06

Well it took me 2hrs 45 mins to download, but it would be have been worth a ten hour wait!

This aircraft is something else, only thing missing is the smell.

A huge thankyou to all the team.

William :lol:

Saab driver since 1967....still driving 96V4 bought new in 1976.

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Post by Mia » 03 Sep 2006, 00:10

Thank you guys for your kind words!

We're more than happy that you like our product, that means that the last year wasn't spent in vain :D

Keep flying SAAB 91 Safir!

SW-lab Team

Sune Lind
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Post by Sune Lind » 18 Oct 2007, 16:05

Thank´s for a fantastic airplan, just have too agree with all above.

Think i´m fallin in love with this one

Only one thing is bothering mee. It´s pvevent me from flying other planes :smt020 :smt008 :smt023 ;-)

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