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ADF Operation

Posted: 06 Dec 2009, 16:18
by King Louis
Hi Everybody

Thank you at SibWings for this little jewel. It's the most atmospheric FSX addon I've seen so far. :grin:

I installed the update on Win7 64bit and am quite happy with it, but I would need some help regarding the following points.

Could anybody please help me tuning ADF frequencies? I managed to get all other system running but am not able to tune any ADF frequencies. I turn the reciever on and the radiocompass needle jumps from its six o clock position to 3 o clock. But it seems that I can't tune the correct frequency (signal strength does not react and compass needle stays on 3 o clock). The device seems to work since using the test button gets the needle spinning. I selected the different ranges but no response. What's the trick on this one? :?

I also had the shiny cockpit in the B variant and fixed it with your patch. Thank's a lot for it. I noticed that at night the instrument lights are also very shiny, even with maximum dim. Migth this also be correlated to the shiny cockpit and can it also be fixed as the latter? This would be very appreciated.

Thanks for any help :smt023

King Louis

Re: ADF Operation

Posted: 26 Dec 2009, 22:05
by King Louis
Hi All

Solved the ADF tuning problem. The trick was to wait a little bit after input of the frequency to compensate for the lag time of the instrument. perhaps this info is helpful to some others,too.