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Some Questions

Posted: 27 Dec 2008, 22:06
by BernhardS

I recently buyed the Safir for FSX and I have 3 questions:

1. When I'm flying with the Safir 91C with full throttle at 5.000 feet I only get 180 km/h. But according to the manual you will get 235 km/h with 75 % throttle ??? What's wrong here?
2. The airplane banks allways to the left. Is that the effect of the propellor? I tryed to use rudder trim but that didn't work. It is impossible to fly straight on. Is that a bug?
3. Does leaning fuel works as expected? It seams there is not much effect on that. Shouldn't cylinderhead-temperature rise during leaning? I see no change of temperature at all.


Re: Some Questions

Posted: 29 Dec 2008, 22:09
by BernhardS

at the moment I'm very unhappy with this aircraft. Besides the problems I have in my last message I have a severe other problem:
During my 4 flights with the Safir I have 2 crashes !! After some time during the flights (1. crash after 30 minutes, and on the other flight after 15 minutes) my flightssim said goodbye.
Normaly I never ever have any crashes, so this belongs directly to this aircraft.

I buyed this product after reading the many positive reviews, but at the moment I can only say, this aircraft is not useable in FSX. I really have no time nor interest to seek after the cause of the crashes, so I ground this product in my hangar. And I really doubt, I will buy another plane from sibwings.

I also use your TwinOtter by Aerosoft and although the overhead cockpit textures are mediocre, that planes flies like it should: no crash and good working instruments.


PS: Meanwhile another simmer told me, that the air-file of the Safir is not ok (that's why the plane is too slow) and that banking belongs to the wingtank (which seems a bit too strong).

My specs.: E6600@2,4 GHz, 4 GB, XP, FSX (german), Acc.

Re: Some Questions

Posted: 04 Jan 2009, 00:27
by Andrey
Hello Bernhard and Happy New Year!

Sorry for long pause, just little holidays we had here. Will try to answer, first of all abou crashes please read forum, some people have same problem and find some solution maybe one of them could help. Check out other programs you have running duaring the flying (antivirus, icq clients etc.) probably their deactivation could help. Safir have pretty complex gauge module (safir.dll) and seems sometime it can't work correctly with other programs or applications.

As for speed it's not only throttle influrance, try to change mixture and prop feather for maximum power

As for banking yes it's propeller effect, flight dynamic was tested by real safir pilots and we hadn't seriouse reports about this effect as bug, I'm here can tune it with rudder trim. Check out you joystic calibration btw.

As for engine I can't say anything now, need to check that

Do not be so angry we are working on our mistakes.
Happy New Year again!