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Saab Safir to sell: HB-DBL, s/n 439, TAH~4800, TSO~500.

Posted: 05 Dec 2008, 12:33
by DNovet
Hello everybody!

Sorry for my absence here!
My priorities in life have changed, which drove me away from flightsim-business to other things.
Like flying rc-helicopters, preferrably turbine-driven ones... ;)

As my friends priorities have changed even more - moving his home further away from airport, planning to buy his own house, wife'n'kids'n'stuff - I am forced to make some adjustments too, whether I like it or not. I tried to find other pilots, but it's mostly as always: "Sell the airplane? But you can't, it would be very sad, such a beautiful airplane, it made history, one could, should, have to..." - "OK, why don't you buy a part of it or lend me some money to keep it flying?" - "Huh?"

Our beautiful Saab Safir is for sale.

Thanks to its previous use, it's airframe (s/n439) hours are quite low somewhere around 4800hrs. Engine (Lyc IO-360-C1C) has had a big repair-job from corrosion (close to overhaul) from the time when it was grounded and is good to run now for all the remaining 1500hrs. Prop (Hoffmann V123K) needs to go into overhaul nest year, which will be around 3000€ (last time we checked).

The plane has been hangared from the time we started restauration, and the recreation in the sim - though very nice indeed - does not do justice when it comes to the looks. The only two pilots took great pride in flying her and thus also took great care of her. Been waxed five years ago and never since - but still sparkles like new... All the leather has been remade...
We would love to see this plane in good and caring hands!

We are looking for around 80'000€ (due low airframe-hours and recent restauration), but since we're not that proficient on Safir-pricing, we are open for discussion on that topic - as long as it stays reasonable. We're not looking to make money (restauration-works alone cost us 75'000€ without labour (!) and the engine-repair not included...) but we'd be happy to get most back of what we've putten into.

For those seriously interested, may I kindly ask you to contact me either via PM over this forum or email dnovet [ad]
I'll gladly share more information and precise figures!

Thank you very much for your attention!

Sincerely from sunny but frosty switzerland,


Re: Saab Safir to sell: HB-DBL, s/n 439, TAH~4800, TSO~500.

Posted: 23 Dec 2008, 16:11
by DNovet
I've had a meeting with my co-owner and we went over the "final-figures"...

It appears the math of our expenses for the restoration was quite on the conservative side...

We are looking for 70'000€ as a start for negotiations, and we're open for suggestions!

I hope we'll see it flying again soon, even if it's with someoneelse on the stick, in a different country...

Re: Saab Safir to sell: HB-DBL, s/n 439, TAH~4800, TSO~500.

Posted: 06 Jan 2009, 20:23
by mangotango
Dear DNovet!

I'm sorry to hear that you wants to sell your aircraft. I have posted many screens of this beautiful aircraft under "Swede in Swiss" - Yes I'm Swedish and lives in Switzerland.
I have many times wanted to contact you for a possibility to fly with you in HB-DBL... :wink: Wanted to wait to contact you until summer but now I guess its out of the question.

Maybe it will be sold to Australia and Alice Springs...
HB-DBL sold to AUS Alice Springs.jpg
HB-DBL sold to AUS Alice Springs.jpg (544.49 KiB) Viewed 7859 times
Just received FTX RED and couldn't stop myself from flying the Safir over Alice Springs.

I wish you good luck and hopefully you will find a Swiss buyer because it would be sad if this beauty leaves Switzerland.

Re: Saab Safir to sell: HB-DBL, s/n 439, TAH~4800, TSO~500.

Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 19:42
by DNovet
Thank you for your kind words...!

For those, that haven't seen the DBL yet (then what the heck are you doing in these boards anyway? ;) ), here's the official had, which my friend and co-owner Roger Pross has set up at planecheck

We'd also be glad, if you'd spread the word...

Thanks for the attention!

Cheers from freezing switzerland,


Re: Saab Safir to sell: HB-DBL, s/n 439, TAH~4800, TSO~500.

Posted: 20 Jan 2009, 02:07
by mangotango
Dear DNovet!
Thanks for the reply.

I have allready started to spread the words - unfortunately in Sweden. Call your plane "A bird who wants to get home"... I have some friends that has a certificate and maybe, maybe... Well only one actually who would have a financial situation so he could care about her... Unfortunately he hasn't been flying to much this year so the certificate has expired. Anyway he has friends and promised to spread the word.
What about contacting Swedish aeroclubs and museums?

Please let me know if you need some help... Translation in Swedish for example.

Take care,

Re: Saab Safir to sell: HB-DBL, s/n 439, TAH~4800, TSO~500.

Posted: 20 Jan 2009, 12:47
by DNovet
Hello Mangotango!

A *bird* that wants to go home? A lady...! ;)

And honestly, to me, there's no "unfortunately" about sweden.
As a matter of fact, I've heard of two or three planes (not Safir's, though) that went so sweden and the dealings with the new owners as well as the swedish authorities were quite comfortable... :)

You have a PN...