FS9 Repaints have been converted for FSX

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FS9 Repaints have been converted for FSX

Post by toby23 » 03 Dec 2008, 20:05

I have converted the following FS9 repaints to FSX DDS format.

1. ZU-DES - SAAB 91B
2. D-EREK - SAAB 91B
4. N-SF91 - SAAB 91D

If the original creators can please confirm it is ok to do so, I will upload the textures here or to AVSIM for everyone...
I do not know how to contact them, so I have posted this message here.




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Re: FS9 Repaints have been converted for FSX

Post by mangotango » 06 Dec 2008, 14:14

Hi Toby,
Does this conversion work with the DX10?
If yes how did you do that?

There is some of my bought aircrafts for FSX that doesn't work with DX10 so I would like to transform them.
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Re: FS9 Repaints have been converted for FSX

Post by jankees » 09 Feb 2009, 00:45

So sorry, I completely missed this thread.
You can upload my repaint of ZU-DES, but please note that I have also upgraded these textures to 2048x2048 dds textures that you can find here:
http://www.sim-outhouse.com/index.php?l ... leID=12946.
This brings out some of the details on this aircraft, like the pinup, in much more detail, so give them a try too I would say.

Jan Kees

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Re: FS9 Repaints have been converted for FSX

Post by zachenbacher » 28 Aug 2009, 13:37

Hey guys,

I've just read the D-EBED was converted to FSX format. Where can I get the new one?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: FS9 Repaints have been converted for FSX

Post by Ron Attwood » 02 Aug 2010, 00:50

Old thread but best not to waste space on teh interwebs eh? :grin: Now I have my 91B successfully working (Thank you pj) Who's got all the FSX repaints these days. The ones on the website seem to be FS9 (i.e. lacking .dds files) and I'd really like to have a change from the Swedish job! (Sorry Sweden :) ) Please don't tell me they're on SOH, that place is an impenetrable maze!
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