Safir Crash

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Safir Crash

Post by mangotango » 27 Dec 2009, 20:01

Dear Sibwing,

I have an issues that the "Safir 91C SE-KVZ" and "Safir 91D HB-DBL" are crashing FSX to desktop. These aircraft's crashes FSX without any notification.

The funny thing is that the other 2 Safir's is Ok.
...something special about these models that FSX cant handle?

Would appreciate any help!

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Re: Safir Crash

Post by BernhardS » 21 Jan 2010, 21:49

For me also the other models crash in FSX. After about 15-20 min in flight I suddenly get a sound loop for 5 sec and after that FSX end and want to boot again.
I've told that fault about a year ago in this forum but I got no real help from SibWings. So I think, they are not interested in helping their customers. Coz of that I will not buy their Birddog, I don't want to support such a company.


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