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installation of SafirX

Posted: 22 Nov 2009, 23:57
by lusitano
Please can you help? I have successfully downloade the latest full pack for Safir X and have tried to install it in simobjects/airplanes. In the directory all the liveries show, but in the sim menu saab does not appear. Can anyone help please? Lusitano.

non showing of SafirX in sim menu

Posted: 23 Nov 2009, 00:22
by lusitano
I have checked the contents of the folders in the FSX directory and they lack panel and sound. It would seem that the download was corrupted in some way. Could this be the reason for the non appearance? Lusitano.

Re: installation of SafirX

Posted: 23 Nov 2009, 02:36
by Alex

Did you change default installation path during Safir installation ?

Can you please show path where you have placed Safir's files ?

All Safir files installing info following folders:

Code: Select all

Check that you have Safir file in this folders.