Stuck tires

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Stuck tires

Post by SGTMAJOR » 05 Nov 2008, 19:06

Love the aircraft, however, I notice on SF3 the front and port (left wing) tires do not rotate. (I didn't check the "B" model)

Since the Civilian "D" version is okay.... I'm assuming this could be something I could easily fix myself? (smile)

Love the aircraft..... Even this morning I'm still amazed at all the attention to detail you've put into this craft!


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Re: Stuck tires

Post by Andrey » 05 Nov 2008, 21:40

Thanks for report Steve! We'll check.

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Re: Stuck tires

Post by CBris » 06 Nov 2008, 22:02

all rotating on HB DBL
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Re: Stuck tires

Post by Private-Cowboy » 08 Nov 2008, 15:59

I see that on the SF3 too. The other versions I tested so far have rolling wheels. It would be nice if that could be fixed. Thank you.

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