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by Andrey
21 Sep 2005, 00:49
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Topic: Safir's panel
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Safir's panel

Hello, there! So Safir's panel -the missing points in the list are gauges\levers we don't know about... your help is VERY welcome. 1 Engine Primer 2 Airspeed 3 Attitude 4 Turn Bank 5 Altimeter 6 Compas 7 Vertical Spe...
by Andrey
19 Sep 2005, 23:00
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Hello There! Glad to present you new name on MS FS Add-ons market! We have no serious background yet, but we have prided plans. Now as you know from our front page we are working on Saab 91 Safir. Any your discussions, advice and any help with materials (interesting photos, videos, sounds, manuals e...