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by jeanco
18 May 2011, 23:47
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Topic: Rudder effectiveness
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Re: Rudder effectiveness

Hello Dieter, now that I read your post about the evidently unrealistic rudder handling, I'm starting to understand my own problems with cross wind landings better ("difficult handling on final") which I posted a week ago in the "general discussion" forum. The rudder handling is simply very wrong. I...
by jeanco
09 May 2011, 01:23
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: difficult handling on final
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difficult handling on final

The Safir is an extremely well designed sim and at least the textures are matching products from A2A for example. So, well done Sibwings! I have one question, though. I find the Safir extremely difficult to handle when on final, and she seems stubbornly to resist keeping on the centre line; with me ...